The sniper letter to his parents

I chose this assignment because i thought it was the best work out of all of them and i am really happy with it.

Dear mom and dad,
I want o write to you about something i have done. I know this might be the hardest thing that you have ever herd but i have to tell you. I killed my brother! I was caught in a fire fight with this other sniper on the roof, he shot my arm, than i reached for the rifle and pulled the trigger. I was curios about who this enemy sniper was so i went over to see and there laying in a pool of dark red blood was his face. I did not believe it so i looked at his dog tag and yep it was him. I did not know that he was with the IRA, i did not know that he was still in Ireland. I live with this guilt every day of my life and it hurts way more than any bullet.

Before the war me and him we both had an argument about both sides, we argued about what sides were the real killers we both thought that the other side was the problem causer.
When the war started we both got separated and we refused to talk to each other. Once we saw each other across a bridge we just made a small smile than left. That was about 2 years ago so a long time ago. I keep telling my self that what i did was necessary but my heart tells me otherwise. I am sorry that you had to hear this but i would rather you hear it straight from my than any one else. I love you mother and father, good bye.

My true apologies
To mother and father

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