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Self -Assessment


1.Describe this technology.

2. biotechnology.

3. What is next for this technology. 

Staying Safe at Work

   3 things I will do to stay safe at work are…

  • To stay safe at work, I work to find out what is dangerous to me and how to fix it before I start working.
  • To stay safe at work, when others use the machine in the wrong way, I do not use it in the wrong way.
  • To stay safe at work, to ask others if you don’t know anything

   2 things I will do to keep others safe at work are…

  • Tell others if I know something dangerous
  • Make the work place clean

  Which story about a workplace accident stuck with you the most? Why?

I can’t forget the pizza machine accident because she didn’t know what to do when she had a problem with the machine. In that situation, the woman put her fingers into the machine to fix the machine on her own, and then there was an incredibly shocking situation. So I think wouldn’t it be safe if someone else had said more about the machine?

Post-Secondary Event Reflection

# The universities I am interested in are KFU, VCC and Emily Carr.
I heard that the first KPU is better at fashion design than other universities. And It sewing is more important than English ability so I chose this university.
The VCC has a make up department.I have liked to make up my face and make up other people since I was young. But everyone has a different face. So I want to learn more about make up so I chose this university
Emily Carr is the university that my friend introduced me.
I like drawing and I like to introduce the painting to others.
My friend knew this fact so he introduced me to this university.
So I became interested in this university.
# if I apply for a universal day, I will go to KFU’s Fashion Design
I love designing and making clothes and I want to make my own clothes and distribute them to others and see the faces of people who are happy to receive them.

# It was very helpful for me to see all these universities before graduating from high school.

If I hadn’t decided where to go to college yet, I could find it today.
It was nice to know more about the university if you decided which college to go.

# I had questions about the university I wanted to go but I couldn’t find answers to them.
However, it was a good chance for universities to come to the school and explain it today.
They were able to learn more programs by handing out university brochures, and they shared snap chat ID with me to ask if I had any questions.
This time is very helpful and good time for graduating students.

Soyoon’s Goals

personal goal statement

In the next year of badminton game, I will betop 3 of badminton player in the school.I plan to take two badminton lessons a week, I join badminton a Drup In every on Friday, and I play with another school’s badminton players. My badminton coach, my friends, another school’s students and my brother play with me, and also My parents help me when I want to play or to get a lesson . If I practice too hard and I want to give up, I will take a short break, but I will not give up. I will play badminton with those people without giving up.


academic goal statement

When I pass the Textile 12, I will get an A inTextile 12. I plan to not miss that class, practice sewing, and I can ask the textile teacher and my mom when I don’t how to sewing clothes.

I will ask the textile teacher and my mom, and I also watch sewing video the YouTube.

When I get anything wrong to sewing, I will make sure to ask the teacher.