FN10 – Noodles @ Home!

Part 1 – Recipe Hunt

Kimchi fried rice This dish is very popular and easy to make. The main ingredient Kimchi, one of Korean traditional foods, is stirred fried with rice over heat. Some people may say that the dish is spicy. It is a popular dish to pack for lunch.


rice balls (jumeokbap)– Rice balls exist in many different cultures, including Korea. Korean rice balls can be creative and include any type of food that can go along with rice. After, all ingredients are shaped, condensed, and combined into a ball shape.


Spam, egg Ramyeon– Ramyeon is a Korean instant noodle dish prepared by boiling a precooked and dried noodle block with flavoring powder or sauce. Most South Korea ramyeons soup are red and spicy. This specific type of Ramyeon includes egg, spam (type of instant ham), and green onions to add additional flavor to the dish.



Part 2 – Cooking Time!

1. mise-en-place

2. while cooking

3. final product

4. A clean kitchen afterwards

[Ham, egg Ramyeon recipe]

<ingredient: 100g ham, 1egg, 2Lwater, a packet of instant ramyeon>

1. Slice ham(100g) into wanted size. Crack 1egg into a separate bowl

2. Boil water in a pot.

3. Put the ham in boiling water for 10minutes.

4. After the ham is fully cooked, drain water and move ham in a different plate

5. Add fresh water(550ml) into the same pot. Add the seasoning instant noodle.

6. When the water is boiling, drop the noodle in the pot

7. Before the noodle is fully cooked, insert the prepared egg and cooked ham

8. Boil for 2more minutes.