How do gender stereotype affect relationship?

The book William’s Doll by Charlotte Zolotow tells the story about a boy who wants a doll. William is a young child who really wants a doll rather than other toys. However, the boys next door make fun of him only because William wants a doll like a girl. His father doesn’t want him to play with the doll so he forces him to play with toys such as basketball and an electric train. William tries to fit in everyone’s expectation. He becomes good at basketball but he still wants a doll. In the end, his grandmother visits home and gives him a doll. Unfortunately, the relationship between his father and William is still unsolved. Humans often force someone to be like others. Gender stereotype give people a conventional thought that individual must act in a certain way according to their gender types. This eventually leads to distrustful relationship in society where people don’t perceive an individual as an individual, but genders.