FN10 – The Great Riverside Chili Cook-Off!

This lab was very intriguing because I am interested and also adore spicy food. In Korea, I always ate hot spicy food with hot pepper powder and paste. These were always part of my three meals. Most Koreans, including me, eat spicy food to release stress. Therefore, I wanted to put a lot of spicy ingredients in this lab’s food. Our group chose a dish named ‘Spicy Chili.’ Although I have tried various Korean spicy food, I have never tried this dish before so I was looking forward to it. First, we had to convert all the units in the recipe from imperial to metric. This process was difficult because we weren’t familiar with the new unit. Next we prepared ingredients. There are nine steps involved. Thankfully, the instructions on the recipe were simple and easy to follow. The two steps I found to be difficult were opening cans and finding the ideal amount of chili powder to put in. When I tasted for the first time, it was not spicy. However, after few trials and errors, our product turned out the way I had hoped. The taste of our product was initially strange, but became very addicting. Moreover, adding cheese braid to the chili made the tasting experience better. In conclusion, I strongly believe our team worked with great teamwork and efficiency that resulted with successful outcome. If I were to cook again, I would add more spicy ingredients such as Korean red pepper power and paste to explore new taste of chili.