FN12 Oct/Nov/Dec Lab Reflections

I really liked the labs what I did a few months ago like “DIY Cheese”, “Chocolate Almond Biscotti”, “Halloween Cupcakes”, “Pasta”, “Superfoods dishes”, and “Chicken Prep” etc.
It was so hard to choose two of those things since it was really great time to learn for example how to make cheese at home, how to prep the chicken, and how to make pasta at home through a pasta machine. I chose Cheese Souffle since cheese is one of my favourite ingredients. I had never eaten Cheese Souffle before when I made this dish and it was really delicious for me. Actually, making it was really quick and easy to make so I thought I could make this myself for dessert at home. Also, personally this dish is really useful for people who do not have enough time. Just I can put flour and butter in a saucepan. Later, when it melts, I can put cheese in the pot and mix it. Our group “Cheese Souffle” did turn out really well since we did what instruction say and we did not overmix the mixture. In addition, we distributed our duty evenly and effectively. If I were to do this lab again, I want to put a little bit of a hot sauce like Tabasco or sriracha. “Cheese Souffle” is quite greasy for me to eat so I thought I could eat with hot sauce. Everything was perfect other than a greasy thing. Since, ingredients such as eggs, bacon, and cheeses were my favourite.

Another dish that I chose is “Egg Benedict”.  Other dishes were also great too but Egg Benedict was a familiar for me. The ingredients were a perfect combination for me because ingredients were an egg, ham, and cheese. Especially, the sauce which is contained egg yolk, butter, and lemon juice with a pinch of sault of “Egg Benedict” was really fresh. The sauce and other ingredients were well harmonized. Our group also did a great job on this lab. Each person did their job so we could finish it on time. Actually, making poached eggs were difficult to do. I was anxious what if I break the yolk in water and ruin it. If I were to do this lab again, I want to make a more perfect poached egg. This dish also can make quickly like Cheese Souffle so I want to recommend this food to my sister who usually does not eat breakfast because of lack of time.