Eggs at Home!

Part 1 – Recipe Hunt


Steamed EggSimple and traditional Korean dish. Swirled eggs with sliced green onions seasoned with salt and sesame seeds. 



Egg boiled in soy sauceSimple Korean side dish. Hard or soft boiled eggs with soy sauce, water, and sugar. All ingredients boiled together until the eggs turn brown.


Rolled omeletPrepare a mixture of swirled eggs with green onion, onion, carrot, and salt. Pour the mixture on a frying pan and heat until it is slightly cooked. Fold the cooked mixture so that layers are formed. Cheese or perilla leaf can be added for extra flavor.

Part 2 – Cooking Time!


I choose Steamed Egg.


1)Mise- en- place

 (Apparatus + ingredients)


2)While cooking


 3)Final product


 (Finalized food)


4)A clean kitchen afterwards

(*Make sure to clean your environment during and after cooking at any cost)