Workplace Safety

To stay safe at work, first you have to main your mental health by managing stress effectively and notive the early signs of any problems. For example, go to couseling and get prescribed medicines if necessary or try to think positively.

Second, read all the warning lables and instructions thoroughly and carefully. Labels will tell you all about hazard products so you can avoid/prevent it.

Third, ask the employer to provide appropriate education such as health and safety orientation specific to the workplace.

To keep others safe at work, first we have to be well-informed about our job description and specific instructions on carying out our jobs. If you don’t receive clear instructions, then ask the employer to give clear instructions.

Second, when you see emergency situations, you have to report it accordginly to the employer as soon as possible to prevent further damage of the accident. Whether you are busy or not reporting of the event is mendatory.

Workplace story

Matthew’s story came up in my head first because I saw his story as a video today. Also I was shocked when I heard about his bad experience in the workplace. He was only 19 years old when he started to work in the restaurant. His employer wanted to him to get off work early so Matt and Danny had to clean up quickly. And that was the beginning of the accident. Matthew was disposing of oil in order to clean the kitchen and that oil was around 375 degrees. He filled a pot with and carried that pot to pour out the oil. However, at that moment he slipped on the floor and spilled oil all over his body. He burned his face, neck, chest, and all of his legs. He was seriously wounded. Finally he was carried in an ambulance and he had an operation. Nevertheless, despite the surgery he had to suffer from pain. From hearing this story, I realized that I have to be careful at my future workplace. Also I have a right to refuse employer’s orders which are unsafe. This means I don’t have to follow instructions that I don’t feel comfortable with.