Pay It Forward Reflection

 I really like this movie because I could understand what they are talking. Also, I could easily see the relationship between the characters. I like most part of the movie; but, I don’t like this movie ending due to Trevor’s death. I didn’t expect that ending, I thought Trevor would live with his mom and Mr. Simonet.

 One scene that I like is when Trevor McKinney paid it forward to homeless Jerry. He is only 12 years old and I touched because of his thought. He talked about pay it forward during the social class. He said if one person helps three people, then that three people will pay it forward to three people per person. Another scene is after Trevor died, people came to his house and they mourned over Trevor’s death. He always said ‘pay it forward project’ didn’t work; but, I could know that project works at the end of the movie. For example, Trevor helped Jerry and Jerry prevented a woman who wanted to die. I think the message of the movie is a small favour can be bigger than we think.


Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences

Complex Sentences

  1. 1. If we try our best, we can win the match.

2. We can win the match if we try our best.

3. he was good at runing when he was young.


Complex -Compound Sentences

1  Because Jenny is a pretty girl, sam likes her; so  he  is thinking to ask her to the dance party.

2. Even if Sam wants to  eat pasta with Jenny, she doesn’t like pasta; so he is afraid to ask Jenny out for pasta.

3. Jenny would like to go to amusement park together with Sam since  she likes Sam; therefore,  she called Sam.