Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences

Complex Sentences

  1. 1. If we try our best, we can win the match.

2. We can win the match if we try our best.

3. he was good at runing when he was young.


Complex -Compound Sentences

1  Because Jenny is a pretty girl, sam likes her; so  he  is thinking to ask her to the dance party.

2. Even if Sam wants to  eat pasta with Jenny, she doesn’t like pasta; so he is afraid to ask Jenny out for pasta.

3. Jenny would like to go to amusement park together with Sam since  she likes Sam; therefore,  she called Sam.

What’s in My Junk Food?

my favourite fast food is Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonalds. This burger contains two patties, which they are bigger than the patties of other burgers at McDonalds. To add to the thickness of the burger, two slices of cheese are included as well. Other ingredients are onions and pickles. There is reason why I like the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I like the thick size of the burger due to the two patties and two cheeses. However, I am also aware that this burger is not a healthy diet choice. One of the main reasons is due to high sodium level in the burger. The World Health Organization recommends 2000mg of daily sodium intake. However, this single burger contains 1154mg of sodium (more than 50% of the recommendation), which is very high for a single meal. Excessive consumption of sodium can cause high blood pressure, kidney diseases, gastric cancer, and osteoporosis. Another reason why this burger is unhealthy is because of the high calorie level. The burger’s calories are measured as 712 calories, which can easily result in obesity with constant consumption.

FN10 – May Lab Reflection

All the labs our class did in May were interesting. Specifically, I enjoyed the labs when we made California Rolls, Fried Rice, Lasagna Roll-ups, and Pierogis. Out of these labs, I especially remember making Lasagna Roll-ups because they were the very first food I encountered and ate when I first arrived in Canada. I was glad that I got to learn how to make this food because I enjoyed the food, but did not know how to make them. After the lab, I had the opportunity to cook the Lasagna Roll-ups on my own. It was an amazing experience where I was able to translate the skills and knowledge learned in school to my daily living. In terms of group productivity, I believe all team members worked with equal amount of effort and we were able to display good team work that allowed us to complete all labs in timely manner.

FN10 – The Great Riverside Chili Cook-Off!

This lab was very intriguing because I am interested and also adore spicy food. In Korea, I always ate hot spicy food with hot pepper powder and paste. These were always part of my three meals. Most Koreans, including me, eat spicy food to release stress. Therefore, I wanted to put a lot of spicy ingredients in this lab’s food. Our group chose a dish named ‘Spicy Chili.’ Although I have tried various Korean spicy food, I have never tried this dish before so I was looking forward to it. First, we had to convert all the units in the recipe from imperial to metric. This process was difficult because we weren’t familiar with the new unit. Next we prepared ingredients. There are nine steps involved. Thankfully, the instructions on the recipe were simple and easy to follow. The two steps I found to be difficult were opening cans and finding the ideal amount of chili powder to put in. When I tasted for the first time, it was not spicy. However, after few trials and errors, our product turned out the way I had hoped. The taste of our product was initially strange, but became very addicting. Moreover, adding cheese braid to the chili made the tasting experience better. In conclusion, I strongly believe our team worked with great teamwork and efficiency that resulted with successful outcome. If I were to cook again, I would add more spicy ingredients such as Korean red pepper power and paste to explore new taste of chili.

FN10 – Stretch the Kitchen reflection

Our group decided to bake Snickerdoodle Cookies. Before baking, I was not aware of what the Snickerdoodle Cookies would taste like. Moreover, I did not know what these cookies would taste like. After the baking, I realized that Snickerdoodle Cookie’s recipe was extremely similar to normal Cookie’s recipe. Therefore, the preparation and the actual baking were not difficult. Our group’s product turned out the way we had hoped. Our result looked like normal cookies, but they were softer in terms of texture. My favourite parts of the Snickerdoodle Cookie were the added cinnamon powder and sugar. This is because they add sweet taste to the cookies. I believe our group was successful because we followed the instruction precisely. In terms of teamwork, our group was very supportive, efficient, and productive that led to overall success.


FN10 – Noodles @ Home!

Part 1 – Recipe Hunt

Kimchi fried rice This dish is very popular and easy to make. The main ingredient Kimchi, one of Korean traditional foods, is stirred fried with rice over heat. Some people may say that the dish is spicy. It is a popular dish to pack for lunch.

rice balls (jumeokbap)– Rice balls exist in many different cultures, including Korea. Korean rice balls can be creative and include any type of food that can go along with rice. After, all ingredients are shaped, condensed, and combined into a ball shape.

Spam, egg Ramyeon– Ramyeon is a Korean instant noodle dish prepared by boiling a precooked and dried noodle block with flavoring powder or sauce. Most South Korea ramyeons soup are red and spicy. This specific type of Ramyeon includes egg, spam (type of instant ham), and green onions to add additional flavor to the dish.


Part 2 – Cooking Time!

1. mise-en-place

2. while cooking

3. final product

4. A clean kitchen afterwards

[Ham, egg Ramyeon recipe]

<ingredient: 100g ham, 1egg, 2Lwater, a packet of instant ramyeon>

1. Slice ham(100g) into wanted size. Crack 1egg into a separate bowl

2. Boil water in a pot.

3. Put the ham in boiling water for 10minutes.

4. After the ham is fully cooked, drain water and move ham in a different plate

5. Add fresh water(550ml) into the same pot. Add the seasoning instant noodle.

6. When the water is boiling, drop the noodle in the pot

7. Before the noodle is fully cooked, insert the prepared egg and cooked ham

8. Boil for 2more minutes.














salad roll

1. mise-en-place.


2. final salad roll.

3. Answer the following question

1) Did you enjoy this lab? Why or why not?

Yes, I enjoy salad roll lab. I have tried this food before in Korea. I made this with my family so rice paper is familiar for me. I was pleased to make this food.


2) What reasonable (i.e. no candy!) thing would you do to alter this recipe to keep it healthy or make it healthier? What nutritional value would this add to the recipe (i.e. carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fats)?

Salad roll contain shrimp, carrot, cucumber, head of leaf lettuce, and green onion. In this roll, I want to add pork and pineapple. Pork contains many healthy vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, and E.  Also pork contains calcium which is good for your bone health. Meanwhile, pineapple contains similar beneficial vitamins such as vitamin A and C. In addition, pineapple can provide iron that can strengthen your red blood cells, and fiber that enables increased movement of digestive system.


3) Often, rolls like these are served deep fried. Most people understand that deep frying food is not healthy for us. What exactly does deep frying do to our food? Why does it become unhealthy? What, if any, nutrients are added that are not great for us?

Deep fried food is not healthy for us. Deep fried is a cooking method in which food is submerged in hot oil. frying food in hot temperature changes the nature of the food that can be unhealthy for consumers. The natural fat in the food transforms into another type of fat called trans- fat. Trans-fat is scientifically proven to bring many adverse effects such as high blood pressure, obesity, and heart diseases.