Workplace Safety

To stay safe at work, first you have to main your mental health by managing stress effectively and notive the early signs of any problems. For example, go to couseling and get prescribed medicines if necessary or try to think positively.

Second, read all the warning lables and instructions thoroughly and carefully. Labels will tell you all about hazard products so you can avoid/prevent it.

Third, ask the employer to provide appropriate education such as health and safety orientation specific to the workplace.

To keep others safe at work, first we have to be well-informed about our job description and specific instructions on carying out our jobs. If you don’t receive clear instructions, then ask the employer to give clear instructions.

Second, when you see emergency situations, you have to report it accordginly to the employer as soon as possible to prevent further damage of the accident. Whether you are busy or not reporting of the event is mendatory.

Workplace story

Matthew’s story came up in my head first because I saw his story as a video today. Also I was shocked when I heard about his bad experience in the workplace. He was only 19 years old when he started to work in the restaurant. His employer wanted to him to get off work early so Matt and Danny had to clean up quickly. And that was the beginning of the accident. Matthew was disposing of oil in order to clean the kitchen and that oil was around 375 degrees. He filled a pot with and carried that pot to pour out the oil. However, at that moment he slipped on the floor and spilled oil all over his body. He burned his face, neck, chest, and all of his legs. He was seriously wounded. Finally he was carried in an ambulance and he had an operation. Nevertheless, despite the surgery he had to suffer from pain. From hearing this story, I realized that I have to be careful at my future workplace. Also I have a right to refuse employer’s orders which are unsafe. This means I don’t have to follow instructions that I don’t feel comfortable with.


Pay It Forward Reflection

 I really like this movie because I could understand what they are talking. Also, I could easily see the relationship between the characters. I like most part of the movie; but, I don’t like this movie ending due to Trevor’s death. I didn’t expect that ending, I thought Trevor would live with his mom and Mr. Simonet.

 One scene that I like is when Trevor McKinney paid it forward to homeless Jerry. He is only 12 years old and I touched because of his thought. He talked about pay it forward during the social class. He said if one person helps three people, then that three people will pay it forward to three people per person. Another scene is after Trevor died, people came to his house and they mourned over Trevor’s death. He always said ‘pay it forward project’ didn’t work; but, I could know that project works at the end of the movie. For example, Trevor helped Jerry and Jerry prevented a woman who wanted to die. I think the message of the movie is a small favour can be bigger than we think.


Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences

Complex Sentences

  1. 1. If we try our best, we can win the match.

2. We can win the match if we try our best.

3. he was good at runing when he was young.


Complex -Compound Sentences

1  Because Jenny is a pretty girl, sam likes her; so  he  is thinking to ask her to the dance party.

2. Even if Sam wants to  eat pasta with Jenny, she doesn’t like pasta; so he is afraid to ask Jenny out for pasta.

3. Jenny would like to go to amusement park together with Sam since  she likes Sam; therefore,  she called Sam.

What’s in My Junk Food?

my favourite fast food is Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonalds. This burger contains two patties, which they are bigger than the patties of other burgers at McDonalds. To add to the thickness of the burger, two slices of cheese are included as well. Other ingredients are onions and pickles. There is reason why I like the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I like the thick size of the burger due to the two patties and two cheeses. However, I am also aware that this burger is not a healthy diet choice. One of the main reasons is due to high sodium level in the burger. The World Health Organization recommends 2000mg of daily sodium intake. However, this single burger contains 1154mg of sodium (more than 50% of the recommendation), which is very high for a single meal. Excessive consumption of sodium can cause high blood pressure, kidney diseases, gastric cancer, and osteoporosis. Another reason why this burger is unhealthy is because of the high calorie level. The burger’s calories are measured as 712 calories, which can easily result in obesity with constant consumption.

FN10 – May Lab Reflection

All the labs our class did in May were interesting. Specifically, I enjoyed the labs when we made California Rolls, Fried Rice, Lasagna Roll-ups, and Pierogis. Out of these labs, I especially remember making Lasagna Roll-ups because they were the very first food I encountered and ate when I first arrived in Canada. I was glad that I got to learn how to make this food because I enjoyed the food, but did not know how to make them. After the lab, I had the opportunity to cook the Lasagna Roll-ups on my own. It was an amazing experience where I was able to translate the skills and knowledge learned in school to my daily living. In terms of group productivity, I believe all team members worked with equal amount of effort and we were able to display good team work that allowed us to complete all labs in timely manner.

FN10 – The Great Riverside Chili Cook-Off!

This lab was very intriguing because I am interested and also adore spicy food. In Korea, I always ate hot spicy food with hot pepper powder and paste. These were always part of my three meals. Most Koreans, including me, eat spicy food to release stress. Therefore, I wanted to put a lot of spicy ingredients in this lab’s food. Our group chose a dish named ‘Spicy Chili.’ Although I have tried various Korean spicy food, I have never tried this dish before so I was looking forward to it. First, we had to convert all the units in the recipe from imperial to metric. This process was difficult because we weren’t familiar with the new unit. Next we prepared ingredients. There are nine steps involved. Thankfully, the instructions on the recipe were simple and easy to follow. The two steps I found to be difficult were opening cans and finding the ideal amount of chili powder to put in. When I tasted for the first time, it was not spicy. However, after few trials and errors, our product turned out the way I had hoped. The taste of our product was initially strange, but became very addicting. Moreover, adding cheese braid to the chili made the tasting experience better. In conclusion, I strongly believe our team worked with great teamwork and efficiency that resulted with successful outcome. If I were to cook again, I would add more spicy ingredients such as Korean red pepper power and paste to explore new taste of chili.

FN10 – Stretch the Kitchen reflection

Our group decided to bake Snickerdoodle Cookies. Before baking, I was not aware of what the Snickerdoodle Cookies would taste like. Moreover, I did not know what these cookies would taste like. After the baking, I realized that Snickerdoodle Cookie’s recipe was extremely similar to normal Cookie’s recipe. Therefore, the preparation and the actual baking were not difficult. Our group’s product turned out the way we had hoped. Our result looked like normal cookies, but they were softer in terms of texture. My favourite parts of the Snickerdoodle Cookie were the added cinnamon powder and sugar. This is because they add sweet taste to the cookies. I believe our group was successful because we followed the instruction precisely. In terms of teamwork, our group was very supportive, efficient, and productive that led to overall success.