What’s in My Junk Food?

my favourite fast food is Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese at McDonalds. This burger contains two patties, which they are bigger than the patties of other burgers at McDonalds. To add to the thickness of the burger, two slices of cheese are included as well. Other ingredients are onions and pickles. There is reason why I like the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. I like the thick size of the burger due to the two patties and two cheeses. However, I am also aware that this burger is not a healthy diet choice. One of the main reasons is due to high sodium level in the burger. The World Health Organization recommends 2000mg of daily sodium intake. However, this single burger contains 1154mg of sodium (more than 50% of the recommendation), which is very high for a single meal. Excessive consumption of sodium can cause high blood pressure, kidney diseases, gastric cancer, and osteoporosis. Another reason why this burger is unhealthy is because of the high calorie level. The burger’s calories are measured as 712 calories, which can easily result in obesity with constant consumption.


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