Desmos Art Functions Portrait Semester 1 2018


I saw Ms.McArthur’s blog and figured out what equations to use and how to make equations to create my face. It was really challenge for me to color the inside of the circles. It took a lot of time and finally I figured out that I need to use inequality signs instead of equal (=). I didn’t get help from anyone else, but I searched google while I was creating the portrait with Desmos. I used the strategy of the equation y=-0.24x^2+3.5 {y is greater or equal to -8, and smaller or equal to 8.}, and changed x^2 cofficient to draw my hairs. It helped me understand Relations and Functions and their graphs through making the portrait because I tried lots of time to make the shapes of graphs that I want.


Flag Pole Lab Math 10 BLK D

In math class, Megan and I went to in front of the school to measure the height of the Canada Flag Pole. For finding the height of the Canada Flag, We need to know the distance between the bottom of the Flagpole and our feet. Also, we need to know the height of my eye above the ground and the angle of inclination from the point of my eyes to the top of the flagpole.


After the experiment, the height of the Canada Flag was 7.17m.

The height of my eyes above the ground was 1.53m.

The distance was 3m between the bottom of the Flagpole and my feet.

The angle of inclination from the point of my eyes to the hop of the flagpole was 62.

Let’s say the rest of the height of the Canada pole is X. (Expept my height)

tan 62 = X/3

X = 3 tan 62 = 5.64

X + the height of my eyes above the ground = 5.64 + 1.53 = 7.17


After this assignment, I learned that I can use the trigonometry to measure a lot of objects in our life.


P.S : I didn’t know that we had to take a photo while doing our experiment, so I didn’t. Sorry and I will ask you next time.

Current Event Analysis – Canadian Studies

(Summary of the Article)

The girl who lived in BC died because of the fire. Her hair was burned and she went to hospital. Dramatically, she survived, but she had a medical complications. While her mother was sleeping, she went into cardiac arrest. After that situation, during the interview, her mother said, “My daughter was a nice girl. I can’t believe it and i feel like i am in a bed dream.”


(My opinion & What i learned with this Article)

I am so sorry to hear that. I feel miserable about this situation. Also I cannot believe that the girl who died in the fire lived in British Columbia, Canada. And I realized the danger of fire. All of us should buy a fire extinguisher to suppress the fire. I also learned a danger of medical complications. We have to notice Medical complications early to save person’s life and well – informed when the fire happened.