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Aboriginal Hypothetical Questions

~ How would you feel if McDonald’s was taken over by Burger King?

7 – Happy

15 – Don’t Care

6 – Upset

13 – Don’t Know

6 – Upset

~ This question relates to the Natives having to give up their culture and take over the Natives culture.

~ My results are basically saying that it is fair even though I think it isn’t.

~ If your family + you gave up your very large house for a very small apartment would you be able to live properly and happy?

2 – Yes

31 – No

14 – Maybe

~ This question relates to your family gave up your land back to Canada and got small land reserves to live on. They were starved and in the beginning the land reserves were very small (600m^2)

~ Looking at my results, this is not fair and they would not be able to live happily or properly.

~ If you gave up your house and given a smaller place to live plus little money annually to buy clothing or any other necessary items would you be able to live properly?

18 – Yes

10 – No

19 – Maybe

~ This question relates to how the Natives gave their land back to Canada and got smaller land reserves to live on but also got money to buy whatever is necessary.

~ My results are in between being fair and not fair. The results are saying that they might be able to live if they got money for tools and clothing and a roof over their head.

~ How would you feel if the province/state you lived in was taken over by another country and you were starved, your culture was taken over and you were forced to take over the other country’s cultures (ex. Russia) and the people that lived in that country didn’t like you or the people from your province state?

2 – Happy

22 – Angry

20 – Upset

3 – Don’t Care

~ This question relates to when the Northwest Territories were took under the Canadians and how they lost their culture and that the Canadians didn’t like the Natives and also how the Native’s had to take over Canada’s way of doing stuff

~ Most of my results are saying that this is not fair and they would be quiet upset and angry if this happened.

~ If iPhone was forced to take over Android’s way of doing stuff (ex. apps, how phone looked, worked, etc.) how would you feel?

5 – Happy

9 – Excited

16 – Sad

10 – Wouldn’t care

7 – Angry

~ This question relates to how the Natives culture was took away and they were forced/pushed to take over the Canadians’ culture and how they did their stuff. Many items were took away from them which relates to the apps because Android does not have the many apps that Apple does.

~ Looking at the results many people think that this is not fair and they would be quite upset if this happened.