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Palace of Versailles

The King spent all of his towards the building of the Palace in Versailles instead of using it to help the Country. The bourgeoisie’s businesses were not running nicely because money wasn’t distributed to the people so they could not buy much items. The bourgeoisie were very upset about their buisnesses because that’s how they earn money .The city workers were also upset because they lived in dirty, cramped buildings while the King lived an a humongous Palace. The City Workers had to spend 50% of their income on food which was very challenging for them because they didn’t have much money. The peasants disliked the Palace the most. They were living restricted lifestyles while the King had money, could expand his living space, improve it and had an unlimited amount of clothes, accessories, food and many more items. Peasants had to give up their time to maintain the King’s property. The Palace Garden

  • was expanding a lot which had to be maintained 2x more each time. The 3rd estate had to pay the most taxes. They had a hard time doing that because they didn't have much money, they had to take care of their family, and their taxes went to waste just to build an uneccesary Palace. The Palace of Versailles was a huge mistake made by the French royal because the money was not used for good purposes which is to take care of the Country, its citizens, and not on the French royals extravagant lifestyles.

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