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Trip to EA with Math 10H

My trip to EA on Thursday was something that I really enjoyed. Even though I was sick and didn’t come to school during the morning, I had forced my mom to drop me to school so I can go to this field trip not only because I was excited but it would be a big opportunity to go and see how at what they do over at EA. I found EA very fascinating from bringing your dogs to work to getting your car fixed while you are working and getting your laundry done. I found the library really cool because you can take the movies and games home or watch/play them during work. There was a lot of things there ranging from Dora the Explorer to NHL 2016. I learnt from EA that even though it looks like Video Games look easy to make, it isn’t. A lot of work needs to be put into. You have to study hard and get the specified degrees/diplomas. It’s probably very competitive to get in to. But in the end it’s worth it not only because you get a nice pay and nice work place but because you get to have fun while doing your job and after seeing your work out there with people enjoying it.