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Trip to EA with Math 10H

My trip to EA on Thursday was something that I really enjoyed. Even though I was sick and didn’t come to school during the morning, I had forced my mom to drop me to school so I can go to this field trip not only because I was excited but it would be a big opportunity to go and see how at what they do over at EA. I found EA very fascinating from bringing your dogs to work to getting your car fixed while you are working and getting your laundry done. I found the library really cool because you can take the movies and games home or watch/play them during work. There was a lot of things there ranging from Dora the Explorer to NHL 2016. I learnt from EA that even though it looks like Video Games look easy to make, it isn’t. A lot of work needs to be put into. You have to study hard and get the specified degrees/diplomas. It’s probably very competitive to get in to. But in the end it’s worth it not only because you get a nice pay and nice work place but because you get to have fun while doing your job and after seeing your work out there with people enjoying it.

Irrational Number

The square root of two was was found way back in 1800 BC. A Babylonian Clay Tablet was found to have the first few digits of the square root of two. Some of the first digits are 1.4142135623730950488016. The square root of two is non-terminating and non-repeating which causes it to become a irrational number. It was also one of the first number to be found in mathematics that is known to be irrational. This number is special because it is also known as the hypotenuse a.k.a the length of a diagonal square.