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Inquiry #2: The Watch

  1. How does one forgive the people from the past?


Forgiving is hard to do. Just like in the picture above, the path to forgiveness is far, hard and confusing while the path to bitterness looks like a straight road. Every person makes mistakes and you have to let go of the disappointment, anger or whatever feelings you have towards the person who made the mistake. But some mistakes are so large, how are you expected to forgive and forget about them? In the story, the boy, Elie Wiesel, is taken by the Nazis and he has to let go of his life post-Holocaust. Before Elie is taken, he hid his Gold Watch which he recently had gotten from his family for his Bar Mitzvah. Fast Forward 20 years, and Elie has survived the Holocaust and has returned to his home from before the Holocaust to search for his watch. He remembers that he hid it “in a deep, dark hole, three paces from the fence, under a poplar tree.”(221) He took the watch out, looks at it and decides to “tplace the watch back into it’s box, close the cover” (224) and put the watch back in the ground. But why did he do this? Because he wanted to leave himself behind as a reflection of his presence. He did this because he wanted to forget about his past. He wanted to move on from his dark past. It was hard for him to see the watch because it reminded him of his memories and he didn’t wish to see them because he could never forgive and forget about what the Nazis did to him. It was hard for him to let go by he knew he had to because otherwise I feel like he would be practically saying that he forgave the people who caused him harm. The way to forgive the past and the people from the past is to accept what had happened, try to understand why it happened to you and what caused it, and also let go of what happened. It is hard to forgive but it’s even harder to forget.


In the picture there is a path that says “Firgiveness Peak” which points to a very high mountain with rain, snow and lightning which I believe shows challenges along the way to forgiveness. The other path with a sign that says “Bitterness Road” looks really easy and smooth. This shows that Forgiveness is not easy to do but in the end is worth it, unlike bitterness, which is easy but won’t take you anywhere.




Inquiry #1: Harrison Bergeron

  1. How come people want to be the same as the rest of society?


In this story everyone one is the same. “Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody wasn’t stronger or quicker than anybody else.”() Many people want to be the same as the rest of society to just fit in with the others. They sometimes do it because of peer pressure, when friends say to get these types of shoes and this type of shirt. These clothes are normally what’s in style at that time and many people usually have these items too. Another reason is that they don’t want to get bullied in a way, by other people. Many people will say “What are you wearing. It looks so bad.” Or many different ways to say that. The third reason is like in the story “we’d be right back to the dark ages again”() and “society would fall apart.”() Many people don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb and be noticed. Some people just want to stay under the radar and in their comfort zone. There are many reasons why people want to be the same as the rest of society. These three above are the most common reasons and if you notice you will realize that these are true.


The picture is somewhere where people look equal, are the same height and are facing the same way. This shows that if the people are the same it would not be intersecting. This picture is making me think of all the stuff I have and that I’ve done, like clothing. If I had to wear the same thing everyday as same as the others I would not be happy.