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Nuclear Disaster

The Windscale Fire happened in Sallafield, UK. It happened in October 1957. This was the worst nuclear disaster in Great Britain’s history. It was ranked level 5 on the INES scale which is the Windscale Fire. There were 2 piles which had been built hurriedly as part of a Atomic Bomb Project of the British. The first pile was active from October 1950 to June 1951. The Windscale Fire happened when the core of Unit 1’s reactor caught on fire which released substantial amount of radioactive contamination. About 240 people got cancer because of this Fire. The milk from 500km was diluted and destroyed for about a month because of this Fire.

Inquiry #2: The Watch

  1. How does one forgive the people from the past?


Forgiving is hard to do. Just like in the picture above, the path to forgiveness is far, hard and confusing while the path to bitterness looks like a straight road. Every person makes mistakes and you have to let go of the disappointment, anger or whatever feelings you have towards the person who made the mistake. But some mistakes are so large, how are you expected to forgive and forget about them? In the story, the boy, Elie Wiesel, is taken by the Nazis and he has to let go of his life post-Holocaust. Before Elie is taken, he hid his Gold Watch which he recently had gotten from his family for his Bar Mitzvah. Fast Forward 20 years, and Elie has survived the Holocaust and has returned to his home from before the Holocaust to search for his watch. He remembers that he hid it “in a deep, dark hole, three paces from the fence, under a poplar tree.”(221) He took the watch out, looks at it and decides to “tplace the watch back into it’s box, close the cover” (224) and put the watch back in the ground. But why did he do this? Because he wanted to leave himself behind as a reflection of his presence. He did this because he wanted to forget about his past. He wanted to move on from his dark past. It was hard for him to see the watch because it reminded him of his memories and he didn’t wish to see them because he could never forgive and forget about what the Nazis did to him. It was hard for him to let go by he knew he had to because otherwise I feel like he would be practically saying that he forgave the people who caused him harm. The way to forgive the past and the people from the past is to accept what had happened, try to understand why it happened to you and what caused it, and also let go of what happened. It is hard to forgive but it’s even harder to forget.


In the picture there is a path that says “Firgiveness Peak” which points to a very high mountain with rain, snow and lightning which I believe shows challenges along the way to forgiveness. The other path with a sign that says “Bitterness Road” looks really easy and smooth. This shows that Forgiveness is not easy to do but in the end is worth it, unlike bitterness, which is easy but won’t take you anywhere.




Inquiry #1: Harrison Bergeron

  1. How come people want to be the same as the rest of society?


In this story everyone one is the same. “Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody wasn’t stronger or quicker than anybody else.”() Many people want to be the same as the rest of society to just fit in with the others. They sometimes do it because of peer pressure, when friends say to get these types of shoes and this type of shirt. These clothes are normally what’s in style at that time and many people usually have these items too. Another reason is that they don’t want to get bullied in a way, by other people. Many people will say “What are you wearing. It looks so bad.” Or many different ways to say that. The third reason is like in the story “we’d be right back to the dark ages again”() and “society would fall apart.”() Many people don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb and be noticed. Some people just want to stay under the radar and in their comfort zone. There are many reasons why people want to be the same as the rest of society. These three above are the most common reasons and if you notice you will realize that these are true.


The picture is somewhere where people look equal, are the same height and are facing the same way. This shows that if the people are the same it would not be intersecting. This picture is making me think of all the stuff I have and that I’ve done, like clothing. If I had to wear the same thing everyday as same as the others I would not be happy.




Science Article – Open schools later so teens can lie in, say US doctors

imageOpen schools later so teens can lie in, say US doctors

This article says that in the US, The American Academy of Pediatrics, wants all the schools in the US to delay their school opening times. They wish to have all schools to open at 8:30 am or later. At this time only about 15% of schools from before started their school after 8:30. The AAP’s goal is to tackle sleep deprivation of children from the ages of 10-18. These kids favour going to bed and getting up 2 hours later than they used to do when they were younger. According to this article, results show that because of this there are more car accidents, more late arrivals, higher risk of depression, moodiness and obesity and also lower grades in school. A poll in this article shows that 59% of middle school students and 87% of of high school students don’t get the healthy and recommended hours of sleep which is about 8.5-9.5 hours on school nights. After, school changed their opening times to later timings and saw that their students have better mood, health and improvements in their academics. Also that they have greater and improved safety parameters.

I picked this article because as soon as I saw the title I knew it would be something quite interesting. Also because that this article would relate to the people not only in this class or school but in the Province or probably even in the whole of Canada. I read through many articles and found the ones I thought interesting on the side, and then I narrowed it down to ones that were not as interesting then I re-read the articles that I picked again then ended up picking this one. I found interesting that so many things like depression, moodiness and low grades in school are based on sleep deprivation. Just these few extra hours of sleep help these people do letter in their mental, emotional and physical life. They didn’t even have to do much, just sleep a few extra hours. I have one question about this, and it is, “Is this part of the reason why our school starts @ 9:00 or was it just like this from the beginning?”

Guiding Questions – Dec 10th

  1. Why did MacDonald develop the National Policy?

Because he needed something to show and convince Canada of his intentions and ideas. The people voted for him because they agreed with his mission and so his party returned back to running office.

  1. List and explaineach of the three parts of the National Policy.  In each case, state why MacDonald thought it was important for the future of Canada.
  • Protective Tariffs – These Tariffs raised the former Tariffs from 15% to 17.5%-35%. This helped and benefited the Canadian economy because this stopped many people from buying goods from America and to start buying goods from Canada.
  • Increased Immigration – This is another thing that helped and benefited Canada’s economy because the more people, the more framers, which equals more crops and profit. If the immigrants payed an extra $10 fee they would get land.
  • The Canadian Pacific Railroad – This helps transport people and goods around the country and troops to help with the defence of Canada.
  1. Who did MacDonald get to invest in the CPR and what were their backgrounds?

MacDonald got George Stephen who was the president of the Bank of Montreal, Donald Smith, Chief Commissioner of the HBC and James J. Hill, a coal trader, to invest in the CPR. Altogether they made $17 million.

  1. What did MacDonald promise the Syndicate?

MacDonald had made the promise of giving $25 million in cash to the Syndicate plus a land grant of 25 million acres and a monopoly of Lake Superior for 20 years.

  1. In order to get the benefits from the Government, what did the Syndicate have to do?

The Syndicate had to finish the CPR within 10 years

  1. What did the Syndicate do immediately upon being given the railway contract and why?

They had immediately changed the route of the railway because the route was going through Saskatoon and Edmonton which had lots of fertile land. They wanted absolute control the CPR project so they moved it away from land speculators.

  1. Why was William Van Horne hired as the new manager of the CPR in 1881?

William Van Horne was hired as the new manager because they needed someone with lots of energy and a new manager

  1. Describe the achievements of Van Horne’s management.

William Van Horne made an almost immediate impact and sped up the construction of the CPR. He was able to have 800 km of the rail laid in a year and another 800 km the next year too.

  1. What problem did the railway face in 1883 and what was the solution?

In the end of 1883 the company was running out of money and the people were about to build the railways through BC which would cost lots of money because it was rocky. Stephen and Smith both donated their fortunes for the construction which was still not enough. In 1884 the government passed a bill which provided the company with another $22.5 million for the CPR. Even with the $22.5 million, in 1884 they ran out of money again

  1. Where did the CPR enter into BC?

The CPR entered BC by the Kicking Horse Pass

  1. In 1867, why do you think the coast of BC required fewer days to get to from Ottawa than the interior of BC?

It required fewer days because to get to the coast you are able to travel further toward the South and you could also avoid the large mountains in the interior.


Aboriginal Hypothetical Questions

~ How would you feel if McDonald’s was taken over by Burger King?

7 – Happy

15 – Don’t Care

6 – Upset

13 – Don’t Know

6 – Upset

~ This question relates to the Natives having to give up their culture and take over the Natives culture.

~ My results are basically saying that it is fair even though I think it isn’t.

~ If your family + you gave up your very large house for a very small apartment would you be able to live properly and happy?

2 – Yes

31 – No

14 – Maybe

~ This question relates to your family gave up your land back to Canada and got small land reserves to live on. They were starved and in the beginning the land reserves were very small (600m^2)

~ Looking at my results, this is not fair and they would not be able to live happily or properly.

~ If you gave up your house and given a smaller place to live plus little money annually to buy clothing or any other necessary items would you be able to live properly?

18 – Yes

10 – No

19 – Maybe

~ This question relates to how the Natives gave their land back to Canada and got smaller land reserves to live on but also got money to buy whatever is necessary.

~ My results are in between being fair and not fair. The results are saying that they might be able to live if they got money for tools and clothing and a roof over their head.

~ How would you feel if the province/state you lived in was taken over by another country and you were starved, your culture was taken over and you were forced to take over the other country’s cultures (ex. Russia) and the people that lived in that country didn’t like you or the people from your province state?

2 – Happy

22 – Angry

20 – Upset

3 – Don’t Care

~ This question relates to when the Northwest Territories were took under the Canadians and how they lost their culture and that the Canadians didn’t like the Natives and also how the Native’s had to take over Canada’s way of doing stuff

~ Most of my results are saying that this is not fair and they would be quiet upset and angry if this happened.

~ If iPhone was forced to take over Android’s way of doing stuff (ex. apps, how phone looked, worked, etc.) how would you feel?

5 – Happy

9 – Excited

16 – Sad

10 – Wouldn’t care

7 – Angry

~ This question relates to how the Natives culture was took away and they were forced/pushed to take over the Canadians’ culture and how they did their stuff. Many items were took away from them which relates to the apps because Android does not have the many apps that Apple does.

~ Looking at the results many people think that this is not fair and they would be quite upset if this happened.


Trip to EA with Math 10H

My trip to EA on Thursday was something that I really enjoyed. Even though I was sick and didn’t come to school during the morning, I had forced my mom to drop me to school so I can go to this field trip not only because I was excited but it would be a big opportunity to go and see how at what they do over at EA. I found EA very fascinating from bringing your dogs to work to getting your car fixed while you are working and getting your laundry done. I found the library really cool because you can take the movies and games home or watch/play them during work. There was a lot of things there ranging from Dora the Explorer to NHL 2016. I learnt from EA that even though it looks like Video Games look easy to make, it isn’t. A lot of work needs to be put into. You have to study hard and get the specified degrees/diplomas. It’s probably very competitive to get in to. But in the end it’s worth it not only because you get a nice pay and nice work place but because you get to have fun while doing your job and after seeing your work out there with people enjoying it.

Red River Rebellion – Causes Components Consequences

Why did the rebellion begin?
Because people were angry that the HBC was selling Rupert’s Land without consulting them and that the surveyors were ignoring their rights. Also when William McDougall was appointed as the Lieutenant Governor of the North West Territories.

What was Louis Riel’s role in the rebellion?
Louis Riel was a Lawyer and the leader of the Métis in the Red River Rebellion. He sent the Métis to observe the surveyors and also made the National Métis Community.

How did McDougall allow for the provisional government to gain power?
He failed to receive the letter with the warning that McDonald had sent him and crossed the border into the North West Territories and proclaimed himself Governor then crossed the border into the US which gave the provisional government power.

What are the main points of the Métis List of Rights?
The rights of the people and representation. And to have what all the other provinces have ex. Railroad, fair numbers in the council etc.

What role did Donald Smith play?
Donald Smith was sent by John A. McDonald to negotiate with the French after a group of armed Métis arrested John Schultz and 48 of his supporters.

What happened to Thomas Scott and how did that affect the rebellion?
John Schultz and a few of his supporters had escaped and tried to free a few more supporters including Thomas Scott. The Métis had stopped them from escaping and captured several members including Scott who was later executed. Many people regretted what happened to Scott and because of this the threat of war between the Métis and Canadians had ended.

Describe how the agreement between the Métis and Canada was made.
McDonald refused to allow provincial control of public land but instead offered a grant of 200 000 hectares to the “children of the Métis” and soon after legislation creating the province of Canada was passed by the House of Commons

What role did Colonel Wolseley play after the rebellion?
McDonald had sent a group of 1200 militia under the command of Colonel Wolseley

What  to Riel after the agreement was made with Canada to create Manitoba?
When the militia and Wolseley arrived at Red River they found out that Ariel had fled the area thinking that his life was in danger. Soon, the members of the provincial government was granted amnesty by the Canadian government except for Riel who remained in exile in the USA