Science Article – Open schools later so teens can lie in, say US doctors

imageOpen schools later so teens can lie in, say US doctors

This article says that in the US, The American Academy of Pediatrics, wants all the schools in the US to delay their school opening times. They wish to have all schools to open at 8:30 am or later. At this time only about 15% of schools from before started their school after 8:30. The AAP’s goal is to tackle sleep deprivation of children from the ages of 10-18. These kids favour going to bed and getting up 2 hours later than they used to do when they were younger. According to this article, results show that because of this there are more car accidents, more late arrivals, higher risk of depression, moodiness and obesity and also lower grades in school. A poll in this article shows that 59% of middle school students and 87% of of high school students don’t get the healthy and recommended hours of sleep which is about 8.5-9.5 hours on school nights. After, school changed their opening times to later timings and saw that their students have better mood, health and improvements in their academics. Also that they have greater and improved safety parameters.

I picked this article because as soon as I saw the title I knew it would be something quite interesting. Also because that this article would relate to the people not only in this class or school but in the Province or probably even in the whole of Canada. I read through many articles and found the ones I thought interesting on the side, and then I narrowed it down to ones that were not as interesting then I re-read the articles that I picked again then ended up picking this one. I found interesting that so many things like depression, moodiness and low grades in school are based on sleep deprivation. Just these few extra hours of sleep help these people do letter in their mental, emotional and physical life. They didn’t even have to do much, just sleep a few extra hours. I have one question about this, and it is, “Is this part of the reason why our school starts @ 9:00 or was it just like this from the beginning?”

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  1. Great post Simran. You discussed several points on why sleep is so important to teen health and brought up a good question as to why Riverside’s school day starts at 9 am. I am not sure why Riverside chose a 9 am start, but am glad to see the research support the school decision.

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