Red River Rebellion – Causes Components Consequences

Why did the rebellion begin?
Because people were angry that the HBC was selling Rupert’s Land without consulting them and that the surveyors were ignoring their rights. Also when William McDougall was appointed as the Lieutenant Governor of the North West Territories.

What was Louis Riel’s role in the rebellion?
Louis Riel was a Lawyer and the leader of the Métis in the Red River Rebellion. He sent the Métis to observe the surveyors and also made the National Métis Community.

How did McDougall allow for the provisional government to gain power?
He failed to receive the letter with the warning that McDonald had sent him and crossed the border into the North West Territories and proclaimed himself Governor then crossed the border into the US which gave the provisional government power.

What are the main points of the Métis List of Rights?
The rights of the people and representation. And to have what all the other provinces have ex. Railroad, fair numbers in the council etc.

What role did Donald Smith play?
Donald Smith was sent by John A. McDonald to negotiate with the French after a group of armed Métis arrested John Schultz and 48 of his supporters.

What happened to Thomas Scott and how did that affect the rebellion?
John Schultz and a few of his supporters had escaped and tried to free a few more supporters including Thomas Scott. The Métis had stopped them from escaping and captured several members including Scott who was later executed. Many people regretted what happened to Scott and because of this the threat of war between the Métis and Canadians had ended.

Describe how the agreement between the Métis and Canada was made.
McDonald refused to allow provincial control of public land but instead offered a grant of 200 000 hectares to the “children of the Métis” and soon after legislation creating the province of Canada was passed by the House of Commons

What role did Colonel Wolseley play after the rebellion?
McDonald had sent a group of 1200 militia under the command of Colonel Wolseley

What  to Riel after the agreement was made with Canada to create Manitoba?
When the militia and Wolseley arrived at Red River they found out that Ariel had fled the area thinking that his life was in danger. Soon, the members of the provincial government was granted amnesty by the Canadian government except for Riel who remained in exile in the USA

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