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People have not changed. Racial discrimination has always been around and will always continue to be around unless people decide to put away their racial bias. How is this still possible? Sadly, people are too blind and don’t realize that, in hiring, a person’s race doesn’t matter but their quality of work matters; Employers should hire based on a person’s personal qualifications and not their external skin color. People continue to discriminate because of their ignorance and inability to see another’s true inner and outer beauty. A non-fiction article, “Because you’re black […]” (Place, 2013) shows what racial prejudice can do to a person; it can make them cry in their car after a “disastrous interview.” (Place, 2013)

A young 25 year old women, Jamilah DaCosta, did not get a chance to be a “counter girl” at a pastry shop simply because of her nationality. The article’s hook is worded very nicely and does what a hook is supposed to do, make the reader want to read more. Nathan Place starts off by telling the readers how the patisserie’s pastries are “elegant” and their cakes are “custom-made” just to end the hook with the “city officials say the hiring is discriminatory.” The words elegant, custom-made and discriminatory do not go together very well hence the continuation in reading. Nathan, the author, kept the article very professional and did not try to convince the reader to turn against the bake shop’s owners even though a majority would have. Keeping things together and look at both sides of the story equally is what a good journalist must do; a good journalist must be proficient.

In hiring, racial bias is continues to be a problem till this day. A connection I had in mind is when my brother came home from an interview yelling through his door: “they did not want to hire me! The owners thought because I was white I would not “fit in” with the rest. Why would I need to be from a different nationality in order to be a dish washer?!” Yes, owners and employers can ask for specific qualifications and/or experience before hiring but skin color should never be an issue. I felt bad for my brother and told myself, “if I ever own a restaurant, I will hire based on skills, not looks.” Jamilah was disgusted and so would I in her situation.


Link to article: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens-bakery-hit-25-000-fines-penalties-discrimination-case-article-1.1470612

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