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Me and Stefano chose sunshine wood’s MMIW case as the main topic of the podcast. After we had chosen our topic for the podcast, we researched Sunshine Wood and put our information into a quick outline. In the outline we created our sponsor message, the main points of each topic, as well as our call to action. Once we completed our general outline, we went more in-depth and created a script to guide the direction of our informational podcast. As we were recording, we discovered that our script was a little bit short, so we had to add more information to as we recordedat some points we had to extend the script to make it longer and add more information. While we were writing our script, we created our podcast cover, the podcast cover has a red background (representing missing/murdered), a large raven feather in the center of the cover (representing First Nations), Missing Myths at the front and the middle of the screen (the name of our podcast), and our names at the bottom of the podcast cover. Once we finished recording, we completed this, our explanation on how we made the podcast, and our citations for our sources. a difficulty we came across is the communication barrier to add finishing touches during spring break, this made it difficult because it took longer to have the finishing product done.

podcast cover:




INTRO AND SPONSOR: missing mysteries and Vancity (sponsor) 

Shyaan: hello, I am Shyaan Manki, and I am here with Stefano Moino and you are listening to missing mysteries. 

Stefano:  today we will be investigating a MMIW case on the missing mystery of sunshine woods. But first a quick message from our sponsor Vancity 

Shyaan: Vancity a mortgaging bank originated out of Vancouver, is a safe environment for Indigenous people, where they recognize and celebrate the cultures and contributions of Indigenous peoples in Canada.  

Stefano: Sunshine Wood is a Cree first nation from Manitoba. She has been missing since February 20th, 2004. Sunshine woods has previously spent 6 months in foster care. She went missing in Winnepeg after moving in with a strange woman. 

Segue: *suspense music*  


Shyaan: Sunshine Woods was last seen by a security camera recording smiling and holding a door, leaving St. Regis hotel in Winnipeg, Canada. She had recently moved from Gods River First Nation to Winnipeg so that she could attend high school there. She also has a tattoo that says SW, this SW is short of her name Sunshine Wood.  

Stefano: Sunshine also has more tattoo’s such as “sunny” on her right forearm, “destiny” written on her left forearm, as well as a few burn marks on her left forearm.  

Shyaan: the last time she was seen she had brown hair, brown eyes, she was 5 foot 7, and she weighed 220 lbs. Sunshine was born on April 6th, 1987. 

Stefano: Nobody knows if she is alive or not, but the Royal Columbian mounted police and the Winnipeg police department have built up a case and have been updating the family of what current information they have found monthly. But the father of the family has been telling otherwise. 

Segue: *suspense music*  


Shyaan: Sunshine’s father had first found out about her disappearance when he had gone to Winnipeg to visit family.  

 Stefano: The RCMP and WPD have built a task force specifically for this investigation, they call it project devote. The two Police forces have told the media that they have been giving the family monthly information about the investigation, and they have concluded that the disappearance of sunshine woods was NOT intentional. Meaning that she had Not run away from her friends and family. Although the father of sunshine woods has been getting these monthly updates, he is unsure of what measures the task force has taken. 

Shyaan: As Sunshine’s father stated, “I don’t know what they’re doing right now regarding the investigation, because they never told me what details they’re doing,” as time passed by, tensions rose of the possibility that something bad had happened to her. 

Stefano: her father later found out that Sunshine had been staying with a strange woman in the hotel named priscilla. Sunshine’s family still do not know when or how she met priscilla.  

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Shyaan: Before we start our last point let’s hear another quick message from our sponsor Vancity. 

Stefano: Vancity work in partnership with First Nation government and Indigenous non-profit organizations to help build stronger communities. 

Shyaan: Sunshine’s father has had a lot of help from many MMIW organizations, such as Child Find Manitoba.  

Stefano: Child Find Manitoba it a non-profit organization that Works cooperatively with public agencies and non-profit organizations engaged in the area of child protection and advocacy. 

Shyaan: These organizations have helped to spread the word and bring attention to Sunshine Wood as well as many other MMIW cases. Unlike what sunshine’s family has said about the police task force. 

Stefano: Without these MMIW organizations many MMIW cases would have never been brought to the public attention and solved.  

Shyaan: these Organizations are crucial towards building a better a safer community for EVERYONE. Especially since the police does not sometimes take some missing cases seriously. These types of organizations help get the word out there that a child might be missing. 

Segue: *suspense music* 


Stefano: Sunshine wood is one of many tragic MMIW cases that have been reported across Canada that have not been solved. 

Shyaan: A total of 1,096 MMIW Cases have been reported in Canada since 1980, and the number of Cases each year, surprisingly, have kept a steady rate, while Missing and murdered women cases have gone down significantly. This fact shows that Indigenous women are being discriminated against and being treated unfairly 

Stefano: And only 53% or 581 out of the 1,096 recorded MMIW cases have been solved. It really is heartbreaking on how many Indigenous women go missing but if you have any tips on Sunshine woods, or ANY MMIW please go on the CBC’s MMIW webpage. And If there are people of Indigenous tribes then please support them and let them know you are there for them. 

Shyaan: To find more information on the Sunshine Wood’s MMIW case please go to the CBC’S MMIW webpage and click Sunshine Wood’s profile by clicking the CBC link below.  

Stefano: If you want to learn more about MMIW Cases you can click the Native Women’s Association of Canada link Below. The father of Sunshine Wood also speaks highly of the native women’s association of Canada. 

Shyaan: If you have any information on Sunshine Wood’s or any other MMIW disappearance please contact or contact the Winnipeg police department 

Stefano: and a huge thank you to our sponsor Vancity for supporting us and the Indigenous community and a big thank you to our audience. 

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“Depth of Focus.” Silverman Sound.  

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