Food10 November/December Lab Reflection(Foods10NovDec)



So vivid memory the sushi lab.I am enjoy that.The sushi is good delicious.The sushi turned out the way that is not my hoped.I found the rise not viscosity.I think I do good with my group do together because I do the sushi in china.And I know what I should do.When next time ,I will change the rise(have viscosity),try to rise outside way to turn.Absorb experience.


Hasselbeck Potatoes

I found  the step how to do the Hasselbeck Potatoes so I choose to the this lab.I enjoy this lab because they have simple material,simple steps.

the product turned out the way I had hoped so I do quickly.when I with my group do ,I don’t know what us doing.So I don’t help more.

when next time, I will don’t put more salt ,another all have good.(》-《)!!