Terry Fox Question

1.What was Terry Fox’s dream?

His dream was to run 8,530 kilometres ( 5,300 miles) across Canada and raise maybe$1 million to fight the disease that had claimed his leg.

2.How did he get this idea to run?

He got this idea to run from his basketball coach brought him a story a one legged runner who competed in the Boston Marathon.

3.Where and when did Terry Fox start his Marathon of hope.

On April 12,1980,Newfoundland,Terry Fox started his Marathon of hope.

4.How did Terry make the basketball team despite his small size?

Terry made the basketball team despite his small size because Terry worked hard.

5. What was Terry diagnosed with?

Terry was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.

6.What operation did the doctors perform on his leg?

The doctors would amputate his leg and follow up with chemotherapy to catch any stray cancer cells in his blood.

7.Aside from running.What did Terry do raise awareness to Canadians?

Terry was only one leg,he still run hard to fulfill his dream that raise awareness to Canadians.

8.Why did Terry’s Marathon of Hope have to come to an end?

Terry felt something terribly wrong in his chest were so bad of pain, so he needed to see a doctor.

9.Terry’s legacy has continued since his death. Give two facts that attest to this.

  1. In September of every year,Terry Fox Runs are held across Canada and in countries around the world,so that his dream now spans the world.
  2. Just outside Thunder Bay, a section of Trans Canada Highway has been re-named The Terry Fox Courage Highway.

10. Although he wanted to be considered as an o hero.What character traits did Terry have that made him heroic?

Terry had courage and perseverance character traits that made him heroic.

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