Types of Reaction Practice Lab


Experiment 1

The materials we use:

tongs, steel wool and a Bunsen burner.

we need stretch the steel wool first

Before: the steel wool has metallic luster.

During: With a pair of tongs, place the magnesium into the flame of
a Bunsen burner. The steel wool showed bright orange flame, and drop a piece.

after: the steel wool became dark and dull.

Experiment 2

The materials we use:

a Bunsen burner

we need open it about 5 seconds.

During: The flame tip seems to have water mist

Experiment 3

The materials  we use:

a small yellow graduated cylinder

The KI is not part of
the reaction, it simply acts a catalyst.

before: H2O2 is white solid, Kl is clear liquid

during: liquid turn yellow, liquid going up.

after:   The liquid drops back to its original position, and a little liquid remains above.

Experiment 4

The materials  we use:

a watchglass

before of coppers: has metallic luster.

after 5 minutes: A few bubbles form and the liquid turns blue-green.

after: Bubbles and whites crystals surround the heart, the liquid kept blue-green.

Experiment 5

The materials  we use:

a spot plate

before: Potassium iodide is clear, Lead (II) nitrate is clear

after: Potassium iodide and Lead (II) nitrate mixed turn yellow.


Experiment 6

Litmus paper blue:

Acid with litmus is remained blue

Base with litmus is turned red

mixed with litmus is turned red

Red litmus paper 

Acid with litmus is remained red

Base with litmus is turned  blue

mixed with litmus is remained red

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