English 11 Poetry Project

Part A:

Be Yourself      

Shelby Lim

Why do people love to judge others?

Judge like having no soul

Why not stick to your role?

Because it really bothers


Why is there stereotype?

We can be what we want to be

Don’t care about the “standard body type”

And I’ll just be me


Ignore the social pressure

And be yourself

Because you’re a treasure

So love yourself


Part B:

The theme of this poem is to be yourself and ignore people who are judging you, the purpose is to make people feel more confident. The tone of this poem is serious. It has a universal theme. This is a closed poem, there is end rhyme: “soul; role, others; bothers”.

The poet uses different of devices, for example, metaphor is used in line 11 “Because you’re a treasure”, saying that you are important and precious. Repetition used: “Why… Why…”, “And…And…”. Simile is used in line two along with hyperbole “Judge like having no soul”. It is exaggerated when the poet says the person has no soul.


Part C:




WWI Battle Discussion

  1. Summarize what they write about and to who.
  2. Provide quotes to show how happy they were being in the war.
  3. What evidence do they provide that shows why they are fighting or what they are fighting for?
  4. What seems to be the morale of the soldiers at this point in the war? Provide evidence.



  1. First letter, Roy — the soldier wrote to his mother and family that he is doing well and great. He helped some French farmers pull their mangles and did it quite fast. Second letter: Alex — the soldier wrote to his sister since his sister wrote to him before. He thanked his sister for the tobacco and told her about running into someone they know almost everyday
  2. First letter: “I am still well and kicking” “Had the pleasure of helping French farmers pull their mangles” Second letter: “Of course we have lots of fun too. It isn’t all hardship and loneliness out here.”
  3. In the first letter, it didn’t actually mention why they are fighting or what they are fighting for, but in the second letter, it says: “we are all aching and longing for our own beloved Canada.” 
  4. At the beginning, Canadians were proud to be in the war and that they wanted to honour their country and prove to everyone that Canada is a noble country, but then as the war goes on, they just ignore the topic and were tired and just want to go home. “A man has lots of time to think of his people and home out here, and one does get awfully lonesome at times. I know in my last trip to the front line, I dreamed of home and about “all the mothers, sisters and sweethearts” I ever had.”

Canada Prepares for War

  1. During the beginnings of WWII, what was different was the lack of obligation. Since Canada was fully autonomous in the second battle compared to the first one, Canada did not have to join just because Britain did like in WWI. This created uncertainty. Mackenzie King called a special session of Parliament on September 8 to declare whether Canada would join the war this time around, he spoke in favour of the war because he knew the decision had to a Canadian Parliament one.  Canadians were cited and proud to join WWI. In WWII, Canadians did not want to experience the hardships of war again, even though many still felt strong ties to Britain.
  2. The BCATP stands for British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, and it is a program to train pilots and aircrew during the Second World War; it produced half of all Commonwealth aircrew. It’s the largest air training program in history. C.D. Howe had a lot of authority in 1940 and was able to tell industries what to produce and the amount to meet wartime demands. Howe’s creation due to dissatisfaction with the private sector, did the job. Under his leadership, the government ran telephone companies, refined fuel, stockpiled silk for parachutes, mined uranium and controlled food production; therefore he was called the ‘Minister of Everything.’
  3. As stated previously, Canada’s attitude was that of uncertainty. Canada’s confidence in their military force was minimal. ‘Its armed forced were small and unfit for combat. The Canadian army had only 4300 troops, a few light tanks, and no modern artillery. The air force and the navy were small with outdated equipment.’ (131 Counterpoints) Canada, for the most part, seemed to be in favour of the war anyway, despite their uncertainty to succeed. ‘Despite its willingness to join the war, Canada was not prepared for it.’ (131 Counterpoints) They did not have Britain’s help either since they were independent now.

Fahrenheit 451 Essay

Are we getting dumb-1u7sd5w

The novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a satire about a fiction society in the future where everything is fast paced, technology is advanced and books are banned by the government. This novel gives a glimpse into a possible future in our society if we don’t realize what we are doing and start to make changes in the way we live. We need to understand how the society in the novel gets to that place in order to prevent it in reality.


In Fahrenheit 451, the government tries to control the people and their thoughts in the society. In the fiction society, books are banned from the government, they didn’t like the idea of books because reading allows people to see the possibility of a better society and a more meaningful life. Firemen burn books since the government thinks that by burning books it takes away all the information about life and the possibility of protesters. Montag, a fireman just doing his job had no idea why they have to burn books, until he talked to Clarisse and start questioning whether it is the right thing to do or whether he is happy or not: “He wore his happiness like a mask and the girl had run off across the lawn with the mask and there was no way of going to knock on he door and ask for it back.” As for the people in the society, they don’t question this system too. The novel relates to a quote which Anais Nin said “When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.” People don’t think there is something wrong with this system and blindly follow it. In our society, we are starting to dismiss literature. People rely on technology more than their own thoughts, whenever there is a research homework or project, mostly people just search it up online by reading the headlines instead of reading actual books or thinking with their own mind, which was also mentioned in Are we getting dumb? And dumber? By Shelley Fralic, saying that people are getting more dumb because of our reliant on technology. We can see from this that our society is starting to become similar to the Fahrenheit 451 society.


Moreover, In Fahrenheit 451, the government tries to create a perfect world in which everyone is always happy, but it is questionable as to whether they really are: “We have everything we need to be happy, but yet we aren’t happy. Something’s missing.” (82) In their society, they have advanced technology and there are so many advertisements and it could be very brainwashing that people can even memorize it and sing along with the background music. Mildred always wants the latest technology or trends and buys them without thinking whether she really needs it or not and how much they cost: “How long you figure before we get the fourth wall torn out and a fourth wall-TV put in? It’s only two thousand dollars.” This also shows how such a fast-paced lifestyle allows them to think they are happy when they are not necessarily so. When everything in life moves extremely fast, thinking is replaced by taking action. This relates to Wall-E in that corporations took over, leaving the people in that society ignorant to the world around them. They didn’t think about the consequences of their actions. They just did what was told and made their lives as easy as possible.


In Fahrenheit 451, people are distracted by the technology and other things in the world than focusing on what is really important around them. People in the novel forget about the real problems for example, the environment, health and even the war that is going on. This relates to the present day because people are too focused on consuming that they do not realize what they are doing to the environment. People are selfish because they only focused on themselves and don’t think about other people or the environment we are living in. When they get too reliant to technology, people forget how to solve their problems themselves because they lack knowledge.


Bradbury illustrates that people are very reliant on technology and that happiness is something that can be found through real relationships and thoughts. The novel is very relevant to our society that people are very influenced by technology. Happiness is when you truly found something you believe in or love. People are now too afraid to stand up for something they believe in, causing nothing to change and not being happy. People who rely on technology too much also lack the skill to solve problems which makes them feel lost. Wall-E and Are we getting dumb? And dumber? are both relevant to our society and the novel.



Conditions on the Front

Score: 2/6

Dear Susan,

I’m glad you wrote me a letter, it’s nice to hear from you. My brother and I are doing fine here, he is with me right now. I miss everyone there as much as they do. Also, it’s nice to hear that you are recruited as a nurse to help people! Anyway, my conditions are extremely risky at this moment in time, since I fight in the air. I cannot help my young desire for more recognition by doing this instead of trench warfare. Joining the British for this opportunity was a bit regretful, but it had to be done because Canada is not developed enough to have their own air force. I got in a dogfight with a German earlier this week. I’m an expert at getting behind them, so I’m not in dire need of parachutes. I’m grateful I am able to use my somewhat busted hand to fire as I steer my airplane. Nevertheless, many of my colleagues died of mechanical failure just yesterday. I’m praying to get by every single day. Working under Billy Bishop has been an honour. I hope I can receive my Victoria Cross soon; oh what an honour that would be! Do not regret this, my love, I’ve never been more alive. Tomorrow, my best friend Billy Joe is leaving for a counter attack against the U boats or German supply ships. His lover was killed in a British supply ship a month ago. I hope you won’t be left burdened when I pass. Billy Joe is  filled with rage, and he is charge of sending convoys with the supply ships now. He’s headed to Halifax for refuelling and shipping more troops over here. Billy Joe hopes the Mont Blanc doesn’t explode, which would be ridiculous considering the amount of TNT on board that ship. 200 tons, dear! I don’t know what goes on in his head sometimes! Next week, us, troops, are going to be going to Vimy Ridge. Many of my colleagues respect me now because of my bravery of going into enemy territory, and taking a photograph to map out our game plan. I have learned a lot about Ypres. About the 6,035 Canadians that lost their lives. The Germans attacked in an attempt to obliterate the Sailent against the Canada line. But, we held off till reinforcements arrived which is amazing for us! Apparently the German troops kept pushing forward, threatening to sweep behind Canadian trenches and put 50,000 Canadian and British troops in deadly jeopardy. I think I am going to be on ground for this, love. As much as I love the air, I have to help my lads down below. The trenches there are deep and  they are good defence against those bloody machine guns. I hope this battle will finally be won. The Canadian Corps are pretty eager to unite as one and prove ourselves. Oh, how we have developed! I’m going to be a sniper because of my great accuracy on air for this battle. The trenches mean curiosity, and one look over the top, and your face could get blasted off. But don’t worry! There is no way I would abandon our children and you. I will be extra careful. I am not going anywhere near that bloody No Man’s Land. I just hope that when I return, the only thing we will have to worry about is my impending lice infestation. Ha! I can’t wait to be back and see all of you.

See you soon and take care.


Causes of WWI

1) Identify the countries:

A: Serbia






2) Identify the theme and explain the history:

The theme in this slide is Alliances. Germany and Austria had a ‘dual alliance’ in 1879 which is why those two countries are circled the same colour; the alliance is what binds them together. Russia, France and Britain were joined together by a Triple Entente. Siberia is also circled blue because Russia was already mobilized to support Serbia.

3) Identify the theme and explain the history

The theme in this slide is Nationalism.  Austria makes an ultimatum to Serbia after they decide to make those who were involved with the killing of the Austrian Crown Prince which demolishes their nationalism.

4) Identify the theme and explain the history

The theme in this slide is Imperialism. Germany, France and Britain are circled because of the tension between the countries for Africa. Germany is upset that Britain is denying their position in the world ( ‘place in the sun’) ‘Race for Africa’ happens, and British naval army makes access to Germany’s African claims difficult. France and Germany clash over parts of Africa, and France has personal issues with the loss of the Alsace-Lorraine region to Germany in 1870.

5) Identify the theme and explain the history

The theme in this slide is Militarism. Britain had a ‘two power standard’ which means their navy had to be equal or better than any two other nation’s navies combined. Germany starts an arms race (navel) with Britain. This is why the two nations are circled.

6) Explain the sequence of events

Austria issues an ultimatum to Serbia on July 23 to punish those involved in the assassination and suppress nationalism with the assurance of German support. Serbia does not accept the part to allow an Austrian inquiry. Then, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. Russians had already mobilized to support Serbia which is why they are about to get involved, in the drawing, against Austria-Hungary. Germany orders Russia to stop mobilizing, and i makes good on its word to Austria and war is declared against Serbia-Russia on August 1st 1914. France orders general mobilization. Germany invades Belgium (neutral at the time) Britain declares war on Germany for violating Belgium’s neutrality earning it a spot in the picture.

7) Analysis

a) The comic’s perspective is told through an Siberian perspective. It shows the consequences of the of the actions in which other regions show their aggression in how they play a part in the rivalry.

b) Serbia is depicted as a child due to their late development in infrastructure compared to other countries. (Britain/ Germany) It is a country that just recently gained their independence after 400 years, and Siberia is a baby in the sense that it needs protection from the alliance with Triple Entente. (parents)

c) The title plays with the concept of loyalty between the countries. The meaning of a mutual relationship clashing with other mutual relationships (treatys/ alliances) in an attempt to be loyal to one’s own responsibility can be, in a way, an act of friendship. The title is ironic because the chain of friendship is not supposed to contain violence;however, that is exactly what the picture depicts. So, it has a sense of duty one has to a friend by showing how ridiculous or tragic a result of a single feeling of duty can lead to.

BC Forestry Industry Sustainability

1) Define and list the benefits and drawbacks of:

Clearcutting (cut down and remove every tree from an area) & Silviculture (the growing of trees):


  • Financial Reasons – This method is the most financially sound, generating more consistent and higher rates of return for the company and its investors.
  • Increased Water Flow – This increase in water accumulation is believed to be desirable since it serves to both provide water to populations of plants, animals, and even humans while also improving soil quality and encouraging tree regrowth.


  • Effects on Plants and Wildlife – The most notable effect is the destruction of plant life and animal habitat.
  • Loss of Recreation Land – After a clearcut, many stumps are left as well as dead plants and trees; undergrowth then develops which prevents the land from being used, as it becomes difficult or impossible to navigate.

Selective Logging: the practice of cutting down one or two species of trees while leaving the rest intact.


  • Better for animals comparing to clearcutting
  • Better safety
  • Allows ecosystem to support more wildlife


  • Destroys the forest
  • Reduces the number of trees that can take carbon dioxide out from the atmosphere

2) How sustainable is BC’s Forestry Industry?

In my own opinion, I don’t think it is sustainable, although it helps our economy, it brings more harm and there’s more disadvantages. Clearcutting has a very large negative impact to the environment. Although silviculture helps by growing trees, when companies use silviculture just to produce more wood for because they need it but not help repair the land and environment, it will only make the problem bigger.

English 11 Blog Log 3

The power of Laughter

The title of this article The Angel of Laughter drew my attention since I think it’s interesting because I love to laugh too. I like how the author talks about her own experience and tells the reader how laughter is important to her, her parents were divorced when she was four, but she have a secret weapon — Laughter. Reading this article let me understand that whenever we feel down or upset, laughter will always make us better, being happy and positive will always help us get better. I personally love laughing and smiling, whenever I’m with friends and family, I’m always happy and optimistic, this won’t just make yourself happy, but also spreads the happiness to other people. When there is happiness and laughter, there is nothing to worry about.