Open Letter – Fracking

Dear Mr. Heyman,

I am writing you to address a few concerns I have about fracking. The fracking process often leaks methane, which is one of the most potent pollutants in our atmosphere today and it is a byproduct of the fracking process. Obtaining oil or natural gas creates methane leaks all the way down the supply chain. fracking also contaminates drinking water with regularity if left unsupervised. A study that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that high-volume fracking has the potential to contaminate groundwater tables, wells, and drinking water systems. Also, chemical additives are used in the drilling mud, slurries and fluids required for the fracking process. Each produces millions of gallons of toxic fluid containing not only the added chemicals, but other naturally occurring radioactive material, liquid hydrocarbons, brine water and heavy metals. Fissures created by the fracking process can also create underground pathways for gases, chemicals and radioactive materials.

Moreover, fracking-related air pollution creates major health threats. A number of other air contaminants are released through the various drilling procedures, including construction and operation of the well site, transport of the materials and equipment, and disposal of the waste. Some of the pollutants released by drilling include: benzene, toluene, particulate matter and dust, ground level ozone, or smog, and metals contained in diesel fuel combustion etc, with exposure to these pollutants known to cause short-term illness, cancer, organ damage, nervous system disorders and birth defects or even death and these pollution events are in the highest concentration for those who lives near a well.

Thank you for your consideration.

Shelby Lim

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