thoughts on data analysis 2017

I think statistic’s have a big role in our society because of all of the stuff it contributes to. Such as politics, school events and a lot more. I learned that there is more problems then I thought with stats and data collection. I learned how it can be misleading or incorrect and how important they really are in society. One other thing I didn’t know is that “86% of statistics are made up on the spot, and the remaining 24% are mathematically flawed”. The problems with stats in out society is people to use false or incorrect and misleading information. Another problem is how it can be collected and gathered. Some common problems are bad sampling.

math money and expenses

1- list three things you spend money on each month that would be a fixed expenses

– monthly rents

– cable

– car payments

2- list three things you spend money on each month that would be variable expenses

– food

– transportation/gas

– entertainment


3- if you needed to save money , how could you change your spending?

you can have a savings and spending account , budget for different things , and put your needs before              your wants. you can also try finding similar things for lower prices and ask yourself if you need it at the            moment or at all.

4-  how much money could you save in a month without giving up too much?

you could save 10% of it , depending how much you make , and how you spend it

fractions word problem

word problem:


the pool was open 7 1/2 hours on saturday. the life guard has a shift of 1 1/2 hours long.  how many shifts does the lifeguard do?


answer :


there are 5 shifts because you would do 7 1/2 divided by 1 1/2 = 5

what I learned – math

today in math I learned about math coding and exponents. Math coding is called latex.

one way to use latex is …

first you do “$latex ” this tells that it is going to be math , next if you wanted to do 5 to the power of 2 , you would put 5^2, then to finish it off you need to put another dollar sign to say that the equation is finished.


information fluency

1 ) 3 ways to tell if a website is reliable or not is…:


if the website has spelling mistakes or not.

if for example it was the ” dog island” website, it should say where it is located.

if the sponsors are fake or not.


2) how to get to the library database from home …:


library page logon use your school login:  132-firstinitial.lastname and your school password

ebsco logon : riverside rapids

pw: library

gale pw: student


3) something i learned today is that there are many ways to determine if a website is real or not and that citing is important because it can give “proof” that you found the information from someone else.

alternative assignment

Alternative assignment                                                                                                                                                                Shelby carpenter


With my future, ahead of me I could see myself doing something in the field I love. The fashion and beauty industry. The job would be so exciting as to show off my creations and makeup on the runways.

I would obtain this job by going to beauty and fashion school.  A school that I could think about is blanche MacDonald beauty school. It is a beauty college in Vancouver that specializes in hair, nails, fashion design, and makeup artistry. Once I go to a college such as blanche MacDonald, I could apply jobs to clothing and cosmetic stores to help boost my career.

Blanche MacDonald beauty school would cost $16,000 for the fashion design program for Canadian students and for a part time makeup artistry program it is $500 plus $180 for the makeup tools and kits.

A day in the life of a beauty student would be commuting to Vancouver to blanche MacDonald, and learning all about the things I love. I would imagine that I would have classes and tutorials with other makeup artists and fashion designers with the same passion as me. I would learn about different textiles, colours and history of makeup, fashion and beauty, The evolution of clothing styles, how trends could change, and how styles could go or come back from different eras.