monthly reflection

1- i chose this recipe because I really liked the sauce and how we got to add more spices if we chose to.

2- I enjoyed this lab because it wasnt to complicated to make but it wasnt to easy that we sped through and rushed it, i lked how we learned to make a roux and bechammele.

3- this turned out as hoped because the sauce wasnt to runny or too thick. we added more salt and pepper and i think it helped alot.

4- I think the group worked okay together, in my opinion i think we need to be more inclusive and all work together more

5- if i did this lab again i would add more spices/herbs like oregano , all spice , and maybe a bit more garlic and cheese


salad rolls


1- i enjoyed this lab because it was easy and fast. there wasn’t anything difficult about it and it tasted pretty good.


2- something to make this healthier is to add more veggies and protein.


3- deep frying is bad because of the oil and the oil is a fat so it makes it much more unhealthy. the oil has a hight fat content. there is saturated and trans fat can increase cholesterol



egg recipes

bite sized brunch cups

egg tacos

poached egg lyoniasse salad


foods 9 monthly reflection


I chose to reflect on this lab because I really enjoyed it, it wasn’t to complicated, and I feel like everyone worked really well together on it.

I enjoyed it because the scones were really good, everyone worked good and the scones turned out very tastey.

The scones did turn out how we hoped , we almost burnt them a little bit but made sure to get them out before.

We did work well , we all did equal amount of work and the group was very good.

If I did this lab , I wouldn’t do much different, although I would love to try the cheese and cayenne ones.



british governing policy

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec.  I have chosen the policy of “maintain the status-quo” to ensure the colony is properly run.  I have chosen this on because it isn’t threatening to other cultures. If we used deportation for example, it will be threatening and could cause further problems, if we maintained the status quo , everything will work just as it is and function easier. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebec is to maintain the status quo.  This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provide wealth for our glorious country.


math money and expenses

1- list three things you spend money on each month that would be a fixed expenses

– monthly rents

– cable

– car payments

2- list three things you spend money on each month that would be variable expenses

– food

– transportation/gas

– entertainment


3- if you needed to save money , how could you change your spending?

you can have a savings and spending account , budget for different things , and put your needs before              your wants. you can also try finding similar things for lower prices and ask yourself if you need it at the            moment or at all.

4-  how much money could you save in a month without giving up too much?

you could save 10% of it , depending how much you make , and how you spend it