It shows us encouraging our heritage because it has a celebration for multiculturalism and diversity. It shows improvement and how we changed a lot from past years. Celebrations and festivals like this has helped shape how multicultural we are

This shows discrimination because it shows percentages of different cultures being discriminated. This shows that we still have people discouraging diversity and multi culturalism. If we have more celebrations like the article above; it will show people how good it is to be a diverse society.

I think canada is a multicultural society because we encourage more then we discourage which is very important in this generation and a lot in the future I think it will get more multicultural as we go on, I only say this because it already has changed so much from such a long time ago; it can only get better.

Various Perspectives of Canadian Identity

“Canada finds itself astride one of the great fault lines of modern politics”
“Canadians are immensely proud of what has been carved out of wilderness and a harsh climate, but they wear their identity lightly”

1- I picked this because it shows/tells how  proudly Canadian we can be and that our politics are very good. I think that we have improved the over all way of living though out the years

2- I think this is an accurate portrayal of being Canadian because it tells us how we try our best in every aspect of life and portrays Canada in the point of view that our politics, government, way Of life, and community has changed over the many years

3-  If this was viewed from different culture they would want to  learn more about canada and our way of living. They would want to see how we “run things”and how We turn a lot of our resources for good.

1- I picked this video because it shows many opinions on what other people think too which is very important. It shows statistics on what people believe and hope for in canada

2- this reflects my perspective because what I took in from watching the video shows that all the people and all Canadians are all united in the same beliefs and united/accepting

3- If a different time period saw this such the Halifax explosion in 1917 as example they would see how we can problem solve and resolve situations. The Halifax explosion is just one example but many wars or acts in Canadian history would see how different it is now and how we can accept and allhelp each other

foods 10 junk food post

the food i chose is “five guys burgers and fries” grilled cheese sandwhich. this is one of my go to choices because grilled cheeses are very good and tasty, especially with the melty stringy cheese. 2 reasons this isnt good is because the cheese and butter used to cook it. there is lots of calories and sodium in it which makes it not good. there is 470 calories and 715 mg of sodium. 41g of carbs and finally 26 g of total fat


may lab reflection

i chose to reflect on this recipe because it was very good and i think our group worked pretty good together. I enjoyed this lab because it was easy and fun to do and tasted very good as well. The process of actually making them was good and even though our group worked okay, I think the rest of the group needed to work more and not get as distracted and lazy. The product did turn out as hoped and it looked and tasted very good. I think it turned out good because the sauce poured on top. If I did this lab again i would put cheeses on the top of the rolls and also when i was eating them i felt like we were missing a spice something like that. over all the lasagna roll ups were very good.                                             

chili cook off reflection

chili reflection:

For the chili cook off it was very fun and interesting to do. I think my group did very good and our process through it all was great. We didn’t come into many struggles and our chili turned out very good. what we shouldve done differently though is to have found a recipe with more veggies since we only had onions peppers and carrots ( besides tomatoes ) our recipe was simple but not too easy that we werent challenged to do lots. when we presented it to the judges we werent too nervous about how it would taste but they said they never had carrots in their chili. we got kind of nervous about it then they told us they liked it and that they were cooked perfectly.   we were pretty confident about our recipe and chili and over all we think we did very good.