Ideology – conservatism

Something i learned about my ideaology is that we are very specific to what we like, we dont like to “bargain” because we think our ways are the best, and we think what conservatism does for people is good because we like to make it possible and equal as much as we can. Some ideas we came up with as a group was for oil industry; we would encourage it because it provides local jobs which is something we feel very strongly about. Something i found interesting about this activity is learning about each ideology in the way of showing what each group would fix themselves from their own point of view, not in a third person. Something I found challenging about this activity is trying to find information for each topic. Although we did overall find a good source to argue for our side, it was difficult to find more then maybe 3 good sources on what we needed in my opinion.


It shows us encouraging our heritage because it has a celebration for multiculturalism and diversity. It shows improvement and how we changed a lot from past years. Celebrations and festivals like this has helped shape how multicultural we are

This shows discrimination because it shows percentages of different cultures being discriminated. This shows that we still have people discouraging diversity and multi culturalism. If we have more celebrations like the article above; it will show people how good it is to be a diverse society.

I think canada is a multicultural society because we encourage more then we discourage which is very important in this generation and a lot in the future I think it will get more multicultural as we go on, I only say this because it already has changed so much from such a long time ago; it can only get better.