Une philanthrope fameuse

Katy Perry est une philanthrope fameuse. Elle est une (businessperson), une chanteuse, (songwriter), et une actrice. Elle travaillait avec:

  • Little Kids Rock
  • DonateursChoisir
  • Gardez ABreast Foundation
  • Young Survival Coalition
  • H&M
  • MusiCares
  • le Fonds pour la santé des enfants
  • l’Eau de générosité
  • la société humaine des États-Unis
  • la Société pour la prévention de la cruauté envers les animaux
  • la Fondation David Lynch 
  • la Musée d’Art Contemporain

Ses enjeux sociaux sont la vie, le bien-être, et l’education, des enfants, et des maladies y compris le cancer et le VIH/sida. 

L’arbre des valeurs

Pour l’activité de l’arbre des valeurs de YPI, mes valeurs les plus importantes sont l’égalité, la tolérance, et l’aide. Mes valeurs les moins importantes sont le tradition, le pouvoir, et la croissance spirituelle. Je suis partiellement d’accord avec ses valeurs, mais j’ai beaucoup plus des valeurs aussi très importantes à moi.  


In the short story House written by Jane Rule, protagonist Harry experiences an epiphany. An epiphany is a sudden comprehension of the reality of something. In the beginning of the story, Harry wants to buy a house for his family, but his wife Anna does not. When the family finally buys a house, he realizes the lifestyle that other families had is not what he expected. They proceed to destroy their new home. In the exposition, Harry thought Anna was being too childish: “It’s a case of retarded development,” (#21), but in the conclusion he agrees with Anna’s opinion.

Thoughts on Data Analysis 2017


I think the role statistics have in our society is to inform people on the subject a given topic, and possibly influence people to change their opinions on the given topic.

I learned more about the importance of statistics in our society such as general information for safety and everyday life. For example, the percentage of people who survive car crashes when wearing seat belts to the percentage who survive that don’t.

The problems with statistics are that they can be merely made up,  there can be bad sampling, unfair poll questions, and misleading statistics.

11.1 Factors Affecting Data Collection


When I first read the article, I thought it was merely highlighting the point that a referendum on Sunday shopping in Nova Scotia resulted in the majority voting for “no”.

After learning the influencing factors, I now think there was some bias preferencing the “no” vote as the second question was, “If there is to be Sunday shopping, should it be on every Sunday or on only the six Sundays before Christmas?” This shows bias because they’re highlighting the idea of limiting Sunday shopping.

In the future, when reading and interpreting survey data I will more thoroughly analyse the influencing factors such as bias, ethics, and cost.