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Workplace Safety

Wear thing that make you safe.

Ask for help if you need.

Think before do.


Help when other need helps.
Tell other when there danger.


  • Which story resonates most with you? Matte’s
  • Why?   Because that is the most common job you can get.
  • What can you learn from their workplace accident? Be careful that when you get a new job you have to think for your own safety first


2017 my reflection













Pay It Forward Reflection Shawn EAL

Pay It Forward Reflection
Shawn                                                                                                                                    2017/12/18

I don’t like this movie because it didn’t tell the story well. There better way to tell this story. Ending is pretty bad it not necessary. There to many things Talk with the reporter we haven’t be told in movie.

In the movie, my favourite scene is when Trevor is talking with the reporter. He tells the gay world isn’t that bad there’s still have people that want change the world and make it better. And I believe it.

This movie doesn’t really have any moment remind thing in my life.

The message in this movie is tell world is bad at all, but you can change someone and they can change others no matter what you’ve done even give a man a dollar they will remember it. They might or might not do thing to change the world but they can change others life.



The Mandela project

Canadian Studies climate change


Canadian Studies Canadian Arctic


They will eat what they can hunt and get food from white man’s garbage.

I will not eat what they eat.

They will make their house by snow and ice.

I won’t.


Because they used the resource  they need it come back so they keep changing place where living.


There has nature resource like fish, animal.

Even there is very cold


Because I think the number isn’t that many











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GEE Rules

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