2L Water Bottle Rocket

1. How did the height you estimated your rocket would reach compare with the actual
estimated height?

The rocket didn’t as nearly as high as I thought it would.
2. What do you think might have caused any differences in the height you achieved?

My rocket didn’t go as high because it launched early before the rocket was ready and didn’t have enough air pressure.
3. Did your rocket launch straight up? If not, why do you think it veered off course?

My rocket veered of to the right. I think it is because of the bad launch but i’m not 100% sure.
4. Do you think that this activity was more rewarding to do alone? Would you have preferred to

do it in groups? Why or why not?

I liked doing the activity alone and probably would have found it rewarding if my rocket was successful.
5. Did you adjust your model rocket at all? How? Do you think this helped or hindered
your results?

I had to alter the design for the top of the rocket but I didn’t think that ended up effecting the launch of the rocket because there wasn’t enough time for the parachute to deploy.

6. How do you think the rocket would have behaved differently if it were launched in a
weightless atmosphere?

The rocket would have continued to have gone up if it was a weightless atmosphere.
7. What safety measures do you think engineers consider when launching a real rocket?
Consider the location of most launch sites as part of your answer.

Engineers need to make sure it’s an isolated area with no buildings or trees in the area for the blast
8. When engineers are designing a rocket which will carry people in addition to cargo, how
do you think the rocket will change in terms of structural design, functionality, and

They need to make sure there is a fuselage in the rocket and living area
9. Do you think rocket designs will change a great deal over the next ten years? How?

I think they will relatively look the same because rockets have looked
10. What tradeoffs do engineers have to make when considering the space/weight of fuel
vs. the weight of cargo?

They need to make sure there is enough fuel to counteract the weight of the cargo.

Water Bottle Rockets

What have you learned about the history of rockets and space travel? Write a summary on the blog about something or someone you found interesting and tell why. The first sign of rocketry started in 4th century A.D. I found it interesting that most rockets where originally used for war and wasn’t until the 15th century that they where used for good.

Now that you know about the basic parts of a rocket and what they do, write about each part and its importance in your own words. What will be different on your water rocket than on a “real” rocket and why? A nose cone is is used to make the rocket have a more aerodynamic movement through the air. The payload is something carried in the rocket. The propulsion chamber is where the engine of the rocket is located. The fin is used for stability for the rocket.

Write a little on the blog about how to find the Center of Pressure and the Center of Gravity on your rocket and why they are important. To find the center of pressure you make a cut out of your rocket and balance it on a ruler, where the cut out balances is the center of pressure. To find the center of gravity on your rocket you can tie a string to your rocket and slide it until you find the perfect balance. This is important because you need a balance of the two so that the rocket will remain stable in flight.

Based on what you have learned about rocket design (nose cone & fins) describe what your rocket will look like and why you chose that design on the blog. I will use a long nose cone to make it aerodynamic and counteract the air friction. I will use average fins.

Math 9 Vacation

My destination to have as a vacation is London because I have always wanted to go their but have never really traveled anywhere before. I plan to leave Thursday, August 23 and come back Monday, August 27. I got the cost of the hotel and the flight together from Expedia.ca and cost me $1,496.69 for the flight there and back and for the hotel. I have given myself $185 for food because i want to be able to enjoy myself when I go there and not worry about the cost of a meal. I have $170 worth of expenses because of a baggage fee and a train ticket to Liverpool and it might be more depending on how much a cab is. My activities that I have will be around $225 and I will bring extra in case I see something else I want to do. In total it will cost $2,176.69 for the whole trip. In the future I might look at multiple travel websites to get the best deals like Trivago or Hotwire.

3D Invention

this is my finished Prototype for my invention of a straw container. I chose to do a container because plastic straws have become an harmful part in are eco-system and stainless steel straws have become more popular. If there was a way to carry a straw around then everyone could enjoy using a straw without worrying about the environment. 

My Brand

My brand logo is designed for an aviation company set in the Pacific Northwest. It is an aviation company used for towing and engine manufacturing. It is similar to De Havilland or Vickers but not as big as Bombardier, it is used for cargo and supply runs and are also an aeronautics engine manufacturing company that do the mainframe of the aircraft. The slogan for my brand is “Where the heart of the plane is formed”.

Community Connection Alternate

For this I interviewed Ms. Kohli who is a substitute teacher.

  1. Why are you passionate about your job? She said that she was passionate about her job because she gets to pass down knowledge to younger people.
  2. What obstacles have you faced to get you where you are today? She said that her biggest obstacle to become a teacher was that she couldn’t complete her teaching program all at once at S.F.U. and a to take a break and then come back because of family responsibilities.
  3. What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing? She said that the best way to find out if teaching is right for you is if you do volunteer work and see if you enjoy the work and it’s very good for experience.
  4.  Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you? She said that would be okay and this is her email she provided me bkohli@sd43.bc.ca
  5. Is this your dream job? She said she enjoys working as a teacher and she also works at an airport book store and likes doing both jobs.
  6. What education did you need to qualify for this job? She said you have to get a degree and then complete a PDP. she got her bachelor degree in physics and got her PDP at SFU.


I chose to interview Ms. Kohli because I couldn’t speak with my original planned  in the time given and found teaching interesting and how you become a teacher since my mum is one.

YVR photo

SFU degree

SFU campus

Knowledge picture