Tybalt Costume Project

All the quotes are from Act 1 of the play in either Scene 1 or 5

“I do but keep the peace. Put up thy sword, or mange it part these men with me” scene 1, 59

  • Tybalt is a violent person who wants to get into a fight with any Montague that comes his way.

“turn thee, Benvolio, look upon thy death” scene 1, 58

  • Tybalt is wanting to kill Benvolio and calls himself the death of him.

“you are a princox, go, be quiet,” scene 5, 85

  • Tybalt is an annoying character that even Capulet was finding greedy, when suggesting ruining the party because of Romeo.

“now by the stock and honour of my kin, to strike him dead I hold it not a sin” Scene 5, 57

  • Tybalt vows to kill Romeo after seeing him at the Capulet party, and not being able to go and fight him.

“in the instant came the fiery Tybalt, with his sword prepared” Scene 1, 99

  • Benvolio tells Montague about his encounter with Tybalt and how he acted.


Tybalt is an aggressive character that vows to kill the Montague’s because of their family rivalry but is not the most intelligent character and is a bit of a hot head. I imagine him wearing the colour red because of his “fiery” temper, and in the movies, we have seen from the 1968 and 1996 films the Capulet’s have all worn red clothing to distinguish themselves a part. I chose to give Tybalt a chain and sunglasses to give him a kind of spoiled looked since even Capulet told him to be quiet. I gave him the skull ring since he is a very aggressive character who wants to fight any Montague, he comes across including Benvolio.

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