Blog log #1

15-minute bus rides link to the essay: Any ordinary person has places to be and things to do and public transport is a reliable source to take us anywhere we need to be. The essay “Taking the Bus” really spoke to me, I feel like this is what everyone needs in life and having […]

English H grammar concept video

Here is our video: here is the link: Definition:  Misplaced and dangling modifiers. They are similar, but not the same. Misplaced is when the thing you’re describing, is put in a wrong place causing it to sound weird or confusing. While dangling is when it’s not clear, or doesn’t make sense. Here are some examples. […]

Community Connections

Community Connections   For my community connections project, I interviewed an Instagram photographer because I am passionate about photography and I’ve always had an interest in photography. I think photography is a great way to convey emotion through pictures and is a great way to capture beautiful moments in life. For this project, I decided […]

CC Reflection – PE 9

this is my PE 9 reflection ( this word  document is not working for me so I can’t add the link, so here is my assessment) Shanez Meziani           Self-Assessment                     November 18, 2018 Stress: Unit 1 Lesson #1 – How Can I Manage My Stress in a Way That Would Benefit My Daily Health? Stress is a […]

les légendes d’obscurités conversation 10

(ajoute tableaux de planification ici) Voici notre clip promotionnelle de notre podcast effrayante! Qu’est qui arrive la nuit d’halloween quand 4 amies se trouvent mêlés dans des événements étranges qui arrivent chaque nuit dés la nuit d’halloween? Tu reçois des légendes absolument épurantes raconter et réaliser par vos narrateurs Shanez et Claire. N’oublie pas de […]

une découverte technologique de la révolution industrielle – petit tâche

Par; Rachel et Shanez les réponses pour A ne marchent pas, mais les voicis—histoire-d-une-invention-1813.htm  A-  ‪ A-  ‪ A-  ‪