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15-minute bus rides

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Any ordinary person has places to be and things to do and public transport is a reliable source to take us anywhere we need to be. The essay “Taking the Bus” really spoke to me, I feel like this is what everyone needs in life and having a community of people around you can really bring out joy, happiness and inclusion.   I really enjoyed how the author made a relation to human connections and how doing something so vague like taking the bus to get to work or school, could really open up someone’s eyes, how we can learn to see in a new perspective and how we can find a whole world out there of different people from everywhere with different problems and I think it’s really beautiful how we can connect in such a way by storytelling. I really love the imagery demonstrated in the essay because as I was reading it I imagined myself as being the girl in the bus and people telling me their life stories and I connect to that sense of humanity because it’s kind of like the Human Condition and how us humans feel connected to one another when we talk, make connections and have real face-to-face conversations which I find very heartening and motivational.  The essay also addressed equality and how at the end of the day, we all are humans and that we should all be treated equally and treat others the way you want to be treated because after all when we leave this earth is anybody going to really remember you for your materials or richness? Not likely, they will remember what kind of a person you were and how you impacted their lives either positively or negatively and I think that plays a big part in the Human Condition as well.  Who knew that when you start to lose touch with your life, it only takes around $2 to find your purpose.


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  1. Shanez – excellent essay and reflection on it! well done! especially the connections you made to the Human Condition.

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