Solution fluency

The challenge

A Family has asked me to do renovations to their house to make it more energy efficient, I have foundĀ  a few ways that others have done it.

-sealing and insulating windows and attics, to keep heat in and have to use less heating

-skip pre-rinsing dishes

-use fluorescent light bulbs

My suggestions

-make a thermostat that automatically shuts off when you leave the house (It could have set times when you leave the house and it would shut off the heat and the lights in order to save power.)

– use solar power (conduct the suns energy into a chamber that boils water and make steam power, you also could use less lights and just use sunlight through the windows.)

-replace wiring often (seal holes in wires as to stop electricity from escaping from the circuit.)

Set BC project

Our project is about our ecosystem and how other types of energy make less of an impact on it. We found a few alternate sources. Our target audience is bill payers and home owners.

REFLECTION: I think I helped a lot and collaborated well but we socialized too much which made me distracted and less productive.

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