This week in precalc 11, we started a new unit on absolute values and radicals. I learned that the absolute value can not be a negative number. The absolute value of a real number is defined as the principal square root of the square of a number

Example :

| -8 | will = 8

\sqrt{(-8)^2} = 8

But that doesn’t mean a final answer can’t be a negative number

Example : 

– 2 | 5 – 8 |

– 2 | – 3 |

– 2 | 3 |

= – 6

Since the absolute value of the number can not be negative, that makes the “3” positive. But there is still a – 2 we had to multiply with 3 which makes the final answer a negative number.

This weeks lessons were very understandable and quick to learn. The main thing I learned was that the absolute value can not be negative. During the process of doing my assignment questions, I would often get confused why the answer would always be different but then I had to remind myself that it can not be negative and then I would get the answer right.