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Question: “What effect can racism have on a person?”

Source: “What Do You Remember of the Evacuation?”

In the poem “What Do You Remember of the Evacuation?” by Joy Kogawa, the author tells the story of the racism she experienced during the time of the Japanese Internment Camps in 1944. Because the Japanese were the visible minority, they were “herded/into the Hasting Park like cattle” (line10,11). They were being herded in the park because the whites thought the Japanese didn’t deserve to be treated well. They weren’t treated like human, they were treated like animals. While the author had certain areas of happiness in this poem such as the excitement she had in the beginning while going to the internment camps, not knowing what it was and how she was going to be treated. It ended with her being ashamed of her heritage. She writes, “When I proudly wrote my name in Japanese” (line 33) but soon after says, “And I prayed to the God who loves/All the children in his sight/That I might be white” (line 37-39). This shows how much the Japanese Internment Camps affected her, she was no longer proud to be Japanese. She thought that maybe in the end, it would’ve been easier to be white. Also, despite the war ending, racism still existed, “When the war was over but Lorraine/And her friends spat on us anyway” (line 35,36). Certain people were so narrow minded and caught up in stereotyping certain races as their enemy, they couldn’t accept them as human beings. In “What do you remember of the evacuation?”, Joy Kogawa shows how much one event can affect a human being, affect them enough to be ashamed of who they are.              

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