Are you tortellini in love with pasta? If so, Anton’s Pasta Bar is the place for you. The atmosphere has an old fashion, vintage vibe that keeps me coming back. The wooden tables, chairs, and pictures on the wall adds a charm to this restaurant. As you stroll through the door, a waiter will greet you with a welcoming tone and ask for your name. Smelling all the food, hearing the clicking of the cups, and the crowding of people will amp up the mood. It will certainly be a long wait until the seats are open, but while devouring the dish it will all be worth it. The tangy tomato sauce mixed in with linguine and seafood practically fresh out of the ocean, this dish is one to cherish (Linguine Pescatore $18.50). Fettucine Alfredo in a rich, creamy sauce topped with sizzling chicken : even this classic is made to perfection (Fettucine Alfredo Con Pollo $17.50). How could I forget their insanely massive portions, my family can barely finish two dishes! Other than the big dishes, the big space is a great place for birthday parties, gatherings or just a cute little date. With all that said, this spot makes for great memories, annual birthday traditions, and amazing food I look forward to eating every time I have my birthday.