Poetry Analysis

PowerPoint: Laurentian Shield

Laurentian Shield

F. R. Scott

Hidden in wonder and snow, or sudden with summer,

This land stares at the sun in a huge silence

Endlessly repeating something we cannot hear.

Inarticulate, arctic,

Not written on by history, empty as paper,

It leans away from the world with songs in its lakes

Older than love, and lost in the miles.


This waiting is wanting.

It will choose its language

When it has chosen its technic,

A tongue to shape the vowels of its productivity.


A language of flesh and of roses.


Now there are pre-words,

Cabin syllables,

Nouns of settlement

Slowly forming, with steel syntax,

The long sentence of its exploitation.


The first cry was the hunter, hungry for fur,

And the digger for gold, nomad, no-man, a particle;

Then the bold commands of monopoly, big with machines,

Carving its kingdoms out of the public wealth;

And now the drone of the plane, scouting the ice,

Fills all the emptiness with neighbourhood

And links our future over the vanished pole.


But a deeper note is sounding, heard in the mines,

The scattered camps and the mills, a language of life,

And what will be written in the full culture of occupation

Will come, presently, tomorrow,

From millions whose hands can turn this rock into children.


Narrative Poem

A show with a magician full of fortune and fame,

with his pet bunny that is more than just tamed,

they came to put a show tonight,

and astonish their audience with laughter and delight,


Mr. Bunny has his stomach rumbling right,

As he has had no carrot to bite,

Presto, the magician so great,

Has eaten all that was on his plate,


On his face, crumbs Presto wipes,

While Mr. Bunny only has the carrot in sight,

About to get his feed, Bunny comes out of his cage,

But out of time they rush to the stage,


Watch the great Presto! His performance is to begin!

But Bunny doesn’t know the carrot is far from him,

The stomach rumbles again, to make Bunny’s actions vile,

Disobedience is not tolerated, as Presto’s pride goes wild,


Then begins the struggle, between magician and pet,

The audience oblivious, to the situation on set,


The magic hat, entertainments greatest tool,

Was now making, the magician a fool!

But so he thought as laughter filled the lot,

This was a greater performance than they initially sought!


After bruised and bristled, Presto had enough

of Mr. Bunny’s consistent bluff,

reaching for Bunny, once and for all

he found himself bound in heights beyond that of tall!


Mr. Bunny was victorious! As he walked away,

But Presto’s life was in danger, and this wasn’t okay,

Calm and disgusted, Bunny moved the hat,

So when Presto fell, he wouldn’t go splat,


After putting on such a show, and glad to be in one perfect piece,

Presto leaped with joy, as his career is beyond that of ceased,

As with Mr. Bunny, who began walking away,

Presto saw that his heart was led astray,


With the signal of a whistle, and revealing the savory carrot,

The fame was now theirs, and they began to share it,

Mr. Bunny now got his game, with the bonus of a brand-new name,

Alec Azam the apprentice and Presto, the magician’s world is theirs’s to  claim,


Selena & Dante


Persuasive Video Essay

Technology has become a huge part of our life. We use laptops, smartphones, and more every day. But is it a good thing? Technology has cut our roots with nature, with who we are. What makes us human is that link with ourselves, others and nature. We do not go out anymore, we look at pictures of others going out. We stay in front of our screens, addicted by the blue light. We are becoming more and more lazy. We don’t even take the time to go grocery shopping, it is done for us. We don’t take the time to write correctly, autocorrect takes care of everything. We don’t take the time to read, audiobooks can be played while we are doing something else. People don’t speak to each other in the bus, they are on their phone. Instead of doing their homework or physical activity, kids watch videos or play games. And that’s not even the root of the problem. Let’s talk about the environmental side of the story. Our so precious devices are made using steel and rare metals mined from the ground, all of those ending in landfills. The factories are taking hectares of land, polluting as they produce. We travel way more than before, creating enormous amount of air pollution. And what about the technology of war? Nuclear bombs, tanks, mines… How can we embrace something that is purely made to kill as many people as possible at once? Look up from your screen and open your eyes on the real world. Technology has no limits, we must choose where we are putting it.



Element of Art Project

“Primary Girl”

By Selena Ajani

Acrylic painting on cardboard

I painted a portrait using only primary colors. It is my favorite color scheme to use, because of its vibrance and contrast effect. Doing a ¾ frontal view allows to add shading and depth to the portrait. The face and colors are blocky and unrealistic, something I really like to paint. Through this piece, I demonstrate the element of art “color”. The primary colors are the base of every other color, making them important.

The Effects of Culture Images

In the essay, I am proud of my arguments. I feel like they are relevant and analyzed. I definitely am prouder of this essay than the first one. For next semester, I want to write more complex sentences. My sentence structures are quite simple and I would like to get better at it. I also want to have a more extended vocabulary. I would like to write a more “professional” essay.