Totem Post Writing

The First Nations were there first. They are the original Canadian culture, but the actual society is trying to erase them. The colonization has already put them aside in reserves and tried to “civilize” them by putting them in residential schools. The First Nations must fight against the government to stay in their lands. They are constantly threatened and must fight back to keep their territories. The Natives are stereotyped as Indian living in tepees and carving totem poles. They are not respected, but they are the ones that should be the more respected since they were the first ones there and went through hardship.


This is a picture of me lead climbing. Lead climbing means that you have to clip in as you go, so when you haven’t done it and you fall, you fall quite a bit. I like the angle of this picture because we can see how steep and high it is. I’m scared of falling, because I’m scared of hurting myself against the rock. When I climb I shortly go out of strength so it becomes even harder to hold on. To overpass my fear I just try not to think about it and go rock climbing. I like pushing myself to be proud of what I’ve done.

How does one find happiness ?

In the film Into the Wild, directed by Sean Penn, Christopher McCandless, a young American freshly graduated from University leaves everything behind him to flee this society he hates so much. He disappears without saying anything to anyone. He’s traveling alone in the wild, meeting new people as he goes. He’s looking for happiness far away from this materialist society. One day he realizes that his real goal is to go live in Alaska for some time. Over there, he lives off hunting and gathering. Life is tough, but he stays for about three months. Christopher has always thought that happiness was in loneliness, but those months into the wild made him realize that relationships were the true happiness. He tries to go back to civilization but doesn’t succeed because the river is impassable, he’s forced to stay a bit more in Alaska. One day, he picked the wrong berry and dies from poisoning. The last words in his diary were: “Happiness is only real when shared.”

Humans can be wrong in their pursuit of ideal happiness but will eventually find out what they really want. This video shows that to find pure happiness can be hard, and that it may not be what one was looking for at first but this journey in the pursuit of happiness can really help to know oneself and what one really wishes.