November 23

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5.1 solving quadratic inequalities in one variable.

This part solves the quadratic inequalities on number line. Also, we find x values and domain.

To solve quadratic inequality follow these step.

The real solutions to the equation become boundary points for the solution to the inequality.

Make the boundary points solid circles if the original inequality includes equality; otherwise, make the boundary points open circles.

Select points from each of the regions created by the boundary points. Replace these “test points” in the original inequality.

If a test point satisfies the original inequality, then the region that contains that test point is part of the solution.

5.5Solving Systems of Equations Algebraically

This section uses substitution.
Make both equations into “y =” format.
Set them equal to each other.
Simplify into “= 0” format (like a standard Quadratic Equation)
Solve the Quadratic Equation!
Use the linear equation to calculate matching “y” values, so we get (x,y) points as answers.

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