November – December Lab Reflection

My second favorite activity this month was when we had to make the 3 course meal. We made chicken soup, nachos, and chocolate overed strawberries I would not make this lab at home or anything becuase it took pretty long, even with 3 people, I also think the chicken was sub par and the nachos were just regular nachos with nothing special about them, my group worked well though besides the fact that some of them may have might been late. I would give our meal a solid 6/10. I only enjoyed this activity because it was kind of fun to create 3 meals at once


My favorite meal we made in those months, and even the whole year was fettuccini Alfredo, which is why i chose to reflect on this recipe. we made the pasta from scratch which was a good learning expierience, I didn’t know the sauce for fettuccini Alfredo was so easy to make, Ive already made this recipe around 3 times at home. My group worked really well and we executed the lab flawlessly, nobody wanted any so i got to keep the whole thing, which was great. The product turned out as good as I have hoped, it was really good.

Iron Chef Reflection

Sean Hruswicki

Foods 12

Iron Chef Reflection


               The iron chef activity was one of the activities that i enjoyed most, it was definitely an enjoyable challenge. I enjoyed this challenge becuase of the ingriedient we were given to use, which was the bell pepper. Bell peppers have a range of colors and flavors to choose from which made the dishes more dynamic. The process of desicision making in our group was simple, somebody would throw down an idea and everybody else would agree or disagree, if we all agreed we would use that idea. I liked this method of desicision making, it was just simple, fair, and easy. To choose the recipe to present to the judges we originally chose a bell pepper stuffed with ingiedients that we could not acquire, so we made up our own recipe for a stuffed bell pepper. We agreed upon stuffing the orange bell peppers with eggs, bacon, green and red bell peppers. I am happy with how we found our recipe becuase we made it ourselves and we felt more original because we made our own recipe. If we were to do this activity again there is definitely one thing I would change in our recipe, how the orange bell peppers were cooked. We didn’t really think that much on how we would cook the bell pepper than would be stuffed, we just put it on a pan but it didn’t really get cooked. To change this I would put the orange bell pepper in the oven instead of a pan, it would definitely make it more cooked. The time restraint effected the technique we used to cook our eggs. Originally we wanted to put the ingriedients inside of the bell pepper, where the egg is beaten and still raw, into the oven but that would take too much time because we read online that to cook a scrambled egg in the over it would take around 20 mins. We decided that it was more time efficient to cook the eggs in a pan.

Biff Monologue

I am Biff, I am a fantastic football player. I have yet to graduate high school because my math teacher flunked me. My father is Willy Loman, a mediocre salesman, and possibly a suicidal maniac. I am most definitely a ladies man. Keeping jobs has been a trouble for me, I haven’t kept one job for as long as I would like and I am just jumping around from job to job. I really don’t think my father, Willy likes me for this specific reason. I am trying to get a loan of 15 thousand dollars so I can have my own ranch but I am asking for the loan from somebody I have stolen from in the past.

Blackout Poem – “I know Why the Caged Bird Sings”

Sean Hruswicki
English 11
18 December 2017
Mr. Barazzuol

“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, Poem Analysis

The poem “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, by Maya Angelou, is denotatively about a bird that is in cage, restricted, watching other birds outside fly around with no restriction. Connotatively this poem is about how black people are oppressed and have restrictions that white people do not. black Poole in this poem are represented by the caged bird, and white people are represented by the free bird. The theme of this poem is oppression and restrictions, and how oppressed people had nothing but their voice to protest. To put this into a thematic statement we could say: your voice is your most powerful weapon. Violent protests from black people in America never worked, but when revolutionaries like Martin Luther King fame along, they got social reform by using their voice instead of violence. Three poetic devices in this poem are: Allusion, personification, and rhyme. The birds in this poem allude to the different races, the free bird referring to whites and the Caged Bird referring to black people. When it is said that the birds sing it is personification because the birds are given a human trait. There is also rhyme in this poem. Ex.

The caged bird sings
with fearful trill
of the things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill 
for the caged bird
sings of freedom

The rhyme scheme in this stanza is ABABBABA. This poem is significant because it represents to much move than just birds flying around. It has a very deep connotative meaning.


Waves Lab

Rig wavevibrating   a  pulse4323763F-EBDF-4914-8675-FF0B811CC920-22wlw2x 870A91D6-4D73-4A74-85F6-3D141B420AFF-xyofqh 8D1A7876-C09D-43AC-B816-2E89896BCCAF-114t502 6206D598-9F07-4CE8-96F2-8081DC7625DE-1khk1gr

A pulse wave as shown in the first video. A pulse wave is just one wave that is emitted it is the shape of a half circle, or a wave.

Periodic wave is a wave that is constantly going, kind of like oscillating. It moves with a constant speed that does not change.

A transverse wave by definition is “a wave vibrating at right angles to the direction of its propagation”.

A longitudinal wave by definition is “a wave vibrating in the direction of propagation”, longitudinal waves include sound waves or vibrating waves.

“A Place at The Table”, Question Responses

Sean Hruswicki
Foods 12
8 November 2017
Mr. Brett

“A Place at The Table” Questions responses

One example of food insecurity in this film is of an unemployed single mother of two named Barbie. Like so many other unfortunate Americans they had to live off of junk food like chips and ramen noodles because they are cheaper than actual fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. After one whole year of looking for a job Barbie finally found a full time job, this should make her fine now right? Since she now has an income that exceeds the one required in order to receive food stamps. She wasn’t even given time to get on her feet, she just lost her assistance from the government right away even though she has been employed for barely any time at all, and probably, hasn’t even received her first paycheck yet. Another example of a person with food insecurity in the movie was a girl who’s father worked on a ranch, but also had to work as a janitor at a school because he wasn’t getting enough money from his ranching career. To cope with food insecurity the girl had lunch made by the school and went to a food kitchen hosted by the church that took place every Wednesday evening. Like so many other unfortunate Americans she and her family has to resort to buying junk food which is much more affordable that fresh fruits and vegetables that actually have a good nutritional value. I think people who are uneducated are more at risk of being food insecure. Mainly because they have a lower chance of getting a great job to supply themselves with adequate nutrition, but also because if they are in a struggle for money they may not know how to acquire resources and help from the government and other food assistance programs such as food banks. Young single parents are also at high risk because they can’t just leave their children and go to school in order to seek a better future for his or her family. My personal reaction to the move is I felt bad for a lot of the people but I was not surprised that so many people are food insecure in America. I am well aware there is a huge amount of people that don’t have enough to eat even though America has more than enough food to feed its people. I was not really surprised by any of the information presented. If I was in a position to directly influence food insecurity I would do a few things, first I would find a way to cut down on food waste, in 2014 a study by the USDA revealed that 31 percent or 133 BILLION pounds of the 430 billion pounds of food went to waste. If we cut down the food waste by only 25 percent we could still be saving billions of pounds of food. The second thing I would do is make fresh fruits and vegetables more affordable. I understand it kind of makes sense that fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive because they actually have a good amount of nutrients but the prices are ridiculous. Fresh fruits and vegetables need to be more affordable of people who are not fortunate enough to afford them will just keep eating junk food and going down the road of diabetes, obesity, and early death

October Foods Lab Reflection

Sean Hruswicki

2nd October 2017

Foods 12

Mr. Brett


I chose to reflect on our buttermilk biscuits lab because although simple, they were the second most enjoyable thing we made this October. The process of making these was no challenge but they still tasted like it took a couple of hours to make. I enjoyed this lab because it was very straight forward and or simple, it was just satisfying to overall. The final product turned out better than i had hoped, I honestly wasn’t expecting much because of the simplicity but they were very delicious. My partner for this lab worked relatively well, there was a little but of a language barrier but we were fine. I in fact already recreated this recipe at home and they turned out just as fluffy, golden brown and flavorful.


I chose to reflect on the chocolate almond Biscotti because in my opinion they were the most delightful food we have made all month. some may disagree and say the waffles were the best but im not much of a waffle guy. I enjoyed this lab very much, like the buttermilk biscuits it didn’t take a rocket scientist to make the ideal Biscottis. My group worked very well during this lab, we just put in all the required work as a team and executed all of our tasks with no problems. I would maybe make this lab again during the winter to go with a nice cup of hot chocolate, i don’t know for sure but I think you can keep them in a container in your cupboard for an alright amount of time which is a major plus for me.


Newton’s Laws

Sean Hruswicki

30 October 2017

Physics 11

Ms. Jackson

Newton’s Laws


I’m sure we have all heard of the brilliant scientist Isaac Newton who is famous for his law of gravitation, which was a one of the many brilliant discoveries in the scientific revolution in the 17th century. His law of gravitation was everything in the universe is in some way attracted to each other. We will be looking at Newton’s three laws, videos demonstrating them, explaining why the specific law is demonstrated in the video, and maybe why the law may not exactly apply to the example if it does not.


Newton’s Third Law

Newton’s Third Law put in brief terms is: every action has a reaction. In this video a tennis ball falls off of a table and bounces back up into the air. The ball falling off of the table is the action, the ball bouncing back up is the reaction.


Newton’s Second Law

Newton’s Second Law summed up is the acceleration on an object correlates to the magnitude of force put behind it to put it in motion and mass of the object. In the video there is a softball and a tennis ball both with around the same mass. The softball is flicked and it goes forwards some distance, The tennis ball is then thrown across the ground with more force and it also goes forward some distance. the Tennis ball had more acceleration because it had more force even though it had the same mass therefore the magnitude of force is proportional to the acceleration of the object. However if we were to change the type of material to maybe a 1 lbs rock ball and a 1 lbs paper ball, the acceleration may not be the same due to paper being effected more in an environment with air resistance.


Newton’s First Law

Newton’s first Law, or the Law of Inertia, is when an object that is at rest stays at rest, and an object that is being moved by a force stays moving unless there is an opposing force to stop it. In this video you can see that at first there is a tennis ball that is not moving, it is not moving because an object that is at rest must stay at rest unless a force acts on it. When the ball is pushed it rolls until eventually stopping. But Newton’s first Law states that an object in motion must stay in motion, why does the ball stop if Newton is right? The ball would only have kept moving constantly if there were no opposing forced acting on it. Since the ball was rolling on the floor, the wood caused a force of friction that made the ball come to a stop.

Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth?

Sean Hruswicki
Foods and Nutrition 12
19 October 2017
Mr. Brett

Does Caffeine Stunt Your Growth?

A lot of us in our early years have wanted to try coffee but we’re told no by our parents

because if you drink coffee at a young age it will stand your growth and make you short. The

myth that caffeine stunts your growth is a misconception and is not true at all but is still a common

belief. There is absolutely no concrete evidence that caffeine does so, and I will give you a few

reasons why it does not. First off, where did this myth originate from? Why do or did some of our

parents think this myth was true? The misconception that caffeine stunts your growth is from a time

where people thought coffee caused osteoporosis and osteoporosis was thought to stunt your growth.

There are some problems with this theory: caffeine does not cause osteoporosis, and osteoporosis

usually does not stunt your growth. Maybe our parents told us this as children because they wanted to

keep us away from caffeine in general. I think this because coffee is one of the most heavily

researched foods and you would think people would be more informed about it. A study that involved

81 adolescence for 6 years was conducted to compare the bone density of people that take in more

caffeine to people who take in less. Those with high caffeine intake had the same bone density in the

end as those with lower caffeine intake so this should pretty much debunks the myth completely. A

reason why coffee drinkers may have low bone density is because coffee drinkers tend to take in less

milk and other calcium containing beverages. In conclusion caffeine in fact does not make your bone

density lesser and will not make you short.