Canada in WWII – Canada Prepares for War Assignment

How was the way Canada joined WWII different from WWI. Canada took up arms in WWII because Germany declared war on Britain. This is very similar to how Canada joined the first world war but this time in WWII Canada actually had a choice to join, in WWI Canada was forced to join. The BCATP or British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, was a way for Canada to contribute to the war without actually fighting. Canadians would train pilots from the British empire, and the pilots would go into war, but not actual Canadians. CD Howe was the head of the department of munitions, he was responsible for regulating production of munitions and weapons. Canada was reluctant in joining the war because of their lack of a military and the fact that they are in a depression. The comic below perfectly sums up Canada’s attitude towards WWII. Why should Canada join a war when we cannot even defend ourselves, as represented by the measly defenders defending a massive net that represents Canada.