Secluded Lot Quotes And Comic

Exposition: “i’d like to inquire about a lot” the old man said, the effort of decision evident in his voice (115).

Rising action: “needs a bit of a clearing though, and a proper entrance. it would be very private” (16) when the old man asks for privacy on his lot which doesn’t matter since hes dead  so it is kind of fishy because he might be up to something.

Rising action:  “then its settled” (118) When the lot gets sold

Rising action: why would the old man like the lot wild and uncared for? “not i like it the way it is, wild and uncared for hidden by thicket of branches” (16)

Climax: “ouch!” (119) said Mr. Jerome. Mr. Jerome finds the old man harvesting bees and gets stung.

Falling action: “why because of my bees? They pollinate your flowers. Now, if you could spare me a few moments” (120) when Mr. Jerome agrees that the bees are pollinating the flowers which makes them look nicer so he calms down.

Falling action: “this has to be illegal” (120) Mr. Jerome runs back to the office examining the print

Denouement: “Mr. Jerome, I have reached an important decision. i should like to buy another lot”  (121)

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