Lit Circle Discussion #2

This discussion will be split into parts 1 & 2. Part 1 includes questions 1-5 and part 2 has question 6.


  1. What psychological conflicts drive the characters or the plot?
  2. What significant symbols are going to have a psychological effect on the characters in the story?
  3. Are there prominent words in the piece that could have different or hidden meanings? Could there be a subconscious reason for the author using these “problem words”
  4. What do the instincts and decisions of the characters tell the reader about the author’s personal psychological lens?
  5. How does the Id of your character affect his or her decision making and actions? How is it balanced out by the ego and super ego?
  6. What impacts do u believe the psychological effects of the war will have on the characters and what potential future conflicts could it result in?

Group Members: Sean Hudson, Ryan Raposo, Edward Yang, Jenna Woychyshyn

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