Week 11 – Factoring Polynomial Expressions

This week in math we learned about the steps for factoring polynomial expressions. These steps can be remembered using the acronym CDPEU. It’s not necessary to remember it but if it works for you, use it.

C – Common Factors

D – Difference of squares

P – Patterns within the polynomial

E – Easy – Is the leading coefficient 1 and is the expression easy to factor

U – Ugly – The expression is not easy to factor and will require further work

Also always remember to fully factor/simplify your expressions.

Example: 8x^4 + 10x^2-3

(4x^2 -1) (2x^2 + 3)

This can then be simplified to:

(2x + 1) (2x – 1) (2x^2 + 3)


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