Non-Fiction Advertisement Analysis

The ad pictured above is a McDonald’s “Angus Third Pounder Burger” from 2009. Although it does not use any aural techniques as it a print ad, it uses various visual techniques, persuasive techniques, and appeals to its audience through logos. The intended audience for the advertised product are most likely anybody capable of consuming it, so its more likely not intended for very elderly people or young children that cannot eat that much food. By incorporating the 100% angus beef stamp on the poster, McDonalds are persuading consumers through logos primarily, but one may make the argument that they are appealing through pathos as well. The succulent beef burgers stimulate the senses to the point that one may begin to crave the product. Other visual techniques used are the multiple burgers presented, as well as the McDonalds logo and slogan that stick with people throughout their day. In regards to persuasive techniques, the advertisement primarily uses a form in bribery, by offering a free chicken sandwich with the purchase of another chicken sandwich, as well as a free big mac when you register online. So although the consumer will receive products free of charge, the company still makes money with the first purchase, giving them more business. Furthermore, the advertisement uses the technique if transfer, by showing the food products, the poster may make viewers hungry, and perhaps crave the given products shown in front of them. Although the products do not necessarily look like the photoshopped versions in the ad, they still give off the idea of biting into a juicy beef patty, and makes viewers mouths water. The typography of the advertisement works in their favour as well, as the writing is very small in order to give more attention to the burgers. In conclusion this ad does have many persuasive techniques that would lead to it being a potential success.

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