Holocaust Memoir


I am set to begin the day in Berlin, at my new position as head doctor at the local hospital, where I care for our wounded troops and have them ready to go back out on the front. I have only been here for roughly a week and a half, but I feel uneasy, as if I am overwhelmed with guilt. Hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers enter our doors on a daily basis, but they are not only physically hurt, but mentally as well. Their minds have been twisted with lies, and formed with scarring experiences all around them. How lucky I am, to not have to fight in this war. For I was deemed unfit to fight due to my limp and stiff right knee. Here however, is no better.

The injuries and death all around do not faze me, for I am a doctor, and a prestigious one at that. What truly gets to me however, is the guilt. The guilt that I feel for contributing to such a cause. Exterminating the Jewish people. How can I, a man married to a woman of Jewish decent, carry out actions to help my fatherland rid themselves of these people? Luckily I managed to help them flee from the country when the war began, but I truly miss her, and our children, of whom are thousands of miles away. Personally, I do not believe in the intentions of the Nazis, but what am I to do? If I refuse to treat our soldiers, I myself, will be killed.

So for the time being, I must remain focused, and isolate myself from emotion. I must do my job. I must not feel pity for Jews from concentration camps, begging for help, whether or not they are accompanied by our own men. Our men are a priority, and I no longer possess the right to treat Jews. So for now, I wait, dreaming of a day when peace is achieved.


Analysis: The presented creative writing assignment is a fictional historic WWII memoir from the perspective of a male German doctor, who is unfit to fight in the war, and his beliefs on the subject. The piece is written in first person point of view, and demonstrates the struggles of the time, such as the fact that he is married to a Jewish woman, is forbidden to treat the ailments of Jews, and the doctor’s beliefs against those of his fellow citizens and leaders during the war. The historic memoir also gives insight into the thoughts of those during the war, giving the reader an alternate perspective.


Source: http://ww2gravestone.com/people/gebhardt-dr-karl/

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